Saturday, March 3, 2012

Unstuck- Weigh In

It seems doing the unstuck aren't just lyrics to a Cure song, it also means the loss I had last week didn't the tune of 4 lbs I thought I was rid of coming back.  Thanks a lot.  I knew better than to think a 7 lb loss on a severe respiratory illness would be permanent but a girl can dream right?  Sigh.  Insert that feeling with how bad I felt in dressing rooms with fluorescent lighting last night and that about puts a fork in my self esteem right now.

But, it's road trip day back to the Mr's hometown and I need to put on a happy face and figure out what the hell I'm going to do from here.  I'm hoping I'm good enough to work back into higher calorie burns this coming week.  The bod will tell me.  I know it sounds weird especially after the gain but I'm going to up the calories because I just haven't been consistent in doing it more than 50-100 calories because I'm scared to.  We're all trained that you should cut, cut, cut calories and that just isn't true when you work the way we do.  More to come on that in Monday's post but I need to think of what I want to add in that won't add a buttload of sodium too.  About 200 calories or so worth.  I'm shooting between 2200-2300.  Writing that scares the shit out of me, I'll be honest.  But I'm not a small girl.  I so want to say some numbers here but I won't...that comes Monday.

Well the Mr is out of the shower so I'm going to get a move on.

If anyone has a healthy 200-300 calorie suggestion, I'm all ears.  I thought maybe a bowl of oatmeal, quinoa salad...stuff like that but I'm open to anything.

Hope y'all have a groovy weekend!

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  1. At first I thought "unstuck" was good news - as in the scale has become unstuck for you. Then I read on and I'm sorry that I was wrong.

    Good luck with you calorie increase next week - I know how scary it is for you.

    200-300 calories? Maybe some more fruit like an orange or mango? Or even a glass of good orange juice somewhere in your day.

    I recently discovered chocolate cheerios. YUM! They have peanut butter ones too but I haven't tried them yet. They are about 100 cals per serving dry, 120mg sodium. They are perfect for a chocolate crunchy fix.

  2. I always found almonds to be a good way to get in some extra calories without adding sodium. Quick and easy too.

    Sorry the scale bounced back so high. I do think that with the amount you work out, bumping up the calories is the way to go.

    Hope you have a nice day today.

  3. Oh boo, what a drag.

    I'm sounding like a broken record (what's the up-to-date equivalent of that phrase?): trial and error and then when you find something that works for awhile, that can change too. I try to look at it as not getting into a routine; that change can be good! (Yeah, right . . . . )

    I can appreciate your apprehension about going against what we've been trained to believe but since "what we're supposed to do" isn't working, you might as well try the other route for awhile.

    And enjoy your weekend! I'm understanding more and more the fact that relaxation and a slower pace of life contributes to weight loss too!

  4. Ugh, that's too bad. Ah well, it happens and then we move on right?

    I used to eat almonds too, as DebbieS suggested, until I realized I was allergic. ;)

  5. Have great great time in Mr's hometown today!

    Sorry to hear that 4 of the sick week pounds weren't real. I am hoping you can get back to your badass workouts soon; I know you are missing them badly.

    OK, "they say" to add a well-rounded snack when you're trying to carefully add calories, and this has all the right things. :sends up silent prayer that she likes greek yogurt:

    I have this often. It's a great mini-meal/snack and I just put it in my tracker to verify the stats for you:

    6 oz. Chobani plain, non-fat yogurt
    Individual cup of Mott's NATURAL applesauce
    1 serving chia seeds

    Cals: 230 protein 21g, healthy fat 5 g, carbs 26g, fiber 6g !!!
    Love those stats, they are all winners. This snack won't leave you hungry for something else right afterwards because of the protein, fiber and fat :) Other notables are calcium and vitamin C. I stir the three together in a bowl. DH calls it my pablum ;)
    The applesauce naturally flavors the yogurt so that it's a sweet treat but the Natural applesauce is just apples/water. I know you are a chia gal.

    OK, be kind to yourself mama!

  6. That last suggestion sounds like a winner, if you like Greek yogurt. Unfortunately, I don't like yogurt period. When I want a healthy snack that won't break the calorie bank I go for a homemade trail mix that usually has mixed nuts, craisins, golden and regular raisins, sunflower seeds and a few dark chocolate chips. 1/4 cup is about 197 calories. I always have it with half a cup of 1% milk, which is another 55.

    Whatever you choose, good luck with the strategy. It seems to have worked for you 'accidentally' in the past. Hope it does as well when it's on purpose!

  7. Sorry about the weigh-in. I hear that you're frustrated. But I am so happy to hear you're going to be adding calories. I really think it will help. I weigh 160, and when I'm aiming to lose weight, I eat about 2000-2200 calories a day and burn about 600. You tend to eat less and burn way more than me! I think upping your calories can only be a good thing. Don't be nervous. If it doesn't work, you're not going to gain back everything you've worked so hard to lose.

    You mentioned quinoa salad, and I immediately thought of this. I am actually making it today; it's one of my favorites! And it'll last me the whole week. Good stuff.

  8. I forgot to mention that I substitute craisins for the pomegranate. But you can modify any way you'd like to satisfy your own craving and tastes!

  9. Ugh, that sucks! For a couple hundred calories, you could have a bowl of Cheerios and milk. They have caramel (love) and peanut butter ones now.

  10. Bummer, but I guess not too surprising; weight lost when I'm sick nearly always returns pretty quickly.

    I'll echo what a couple of others have mentioned, the Cheerios and Greek yogurt tend to be my go-to snacks. I've started mixing the chocolate and peanut butter flavors of Cheerios together for a "peanut butter cup" flavor--yum! And for a high protein snack, Greek yogurt, either the flavored Fage or plain that I add fruit to, is great. Hope you continue to get better and can get back to a more normal routine soon!

  11. Everything I came up with, others have said. I would do a trail mix with walnuts, almonds, dried blueberries, can add a lot of different things so it isn't boring. Easy to have on hand, too. Sorry about the weight rebound. It happened to me after the flu last more the. Bummer!!!!

  12. I like a yogurt "sundae". Tonight's version will be greek yogurt and strawberries. I'll also probably have 100 calories of almonds somewhere in the day.

    A "trick" that works for me in becoming unstuck is mixing up the calories each day--higher end one day, lower end the next. As with varying exercise (type and duration) and taking rest days, mixing calorie counts keep the body guessing as to what it needs. That's my theory, anyway. :)

  13. Fruit, nuts, dairy, dark chocolate... I'd say it should be easy to add in a few more healthy calories. ^^


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