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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Trying to focus on the positive- weigh in

Well I'm down a pound.

I'm happy but I wish I could get over that initial feeling of disappointment given how much I cut back this week.  I have to remind myself that we had a pretty over the top high cal day followed by basically another one the following day when I made my mom her birthday dinner.  (Twice what our normal Sundays are.)  I know that my mental countdown of where I wanted to be by the end of this month is now going to be impossible because I wanted all of the vacation weight off by the end of the month and that seemed like a very reasonable goal.  Throw in an intestinal system that was completely off kilter for 2 weeks after we got back and a freak gain for no reason and that about throws a wrench into the timeline.  I'd have to lose 9 lb this week to get the vacation weight off.


Movin' on.

I have to take note that my body feels friggin' BEAT...UP today.  We burned a lot of extra calories and did some HARD workouts this week that put my legs through the paces.  Kettlebells always kill me for many days after.  Must remember to ice my knees afterward.  I thought about taking an active recovery day in there but I didn't and maybe next time I will.  You know how the muscles tend to hold on to water when they're repairing and my protein was low because my calories were low this week.

I did roll after every workout this week and felt better than I usually do hipwise.  I need to get in the habit of using the hard stick roller before bed to release the muscles so they don't tighten up overnight.

I'm happy to report I hit my water goal every day and made sure to take my chia sludge every day in some form.

Heading out on a road trip this morning because there is a just way too much going on in the city today to not throw the Mr into screaming jackal mode at other people's poor driving skills.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

What goals did you hit this week?

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  1. I forgot to weigh in today - but the time I remembered it was Saturday I'd had like 4 cups of coffee. Oops. On the plus side, I did make it to zumba twice. My class conflicts with my son's baseball schedule, his games are an easy choice by I've been missing it. He had a late game Wed and no practice Fri so I made it twice and feel better for it. The instructor will be gone for the next two weeks so I'll have to work out at home.


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