Monday, April 22, 2024

Low Key and Unexpected Emotions Weekend Recap

How do, all?  Did you have a nice weekend?  It was decent in these parts down from blazing hot (for us) earlier in the week.  We even waited Thursday night until after dinner to walk because when it's over 75, no thank you on the flop sweat.  Saturday the Mr was kind enough to weed out front since things were getting out of control.  We went to grab lunch and then a walk near the water and enjoyed the spring colors and flowers.  

It was a cooler day around 60 but the wind was blowing pretty fierce.  I feel like I'm going to have to invest in a sun hat soon.  The sun is always blazing just over my sunglasses line and blinding me.  Is this how it happens?  Is this how getting old happens?  One day you're prank calling the local pizza place during a sleepover and the next minute you're ordering sunhats and listing your newest diagnoses across the miles?!  Of course it would have to have a string so it doesn't blow away since we're becoming a wind tunnel so I should be playing mahjong and eating ambrosia salad with polyester slacks on in no time.  I got some work stuff done and we went up and chilled out until we conked out.

Sunday was pretty chill as well, I got some work done after oatmeal for breakfast.  I got a message from my cousin with a link to my paternal grandparents house that is being listed for sale.  I told her I'd always thought if it ever came up for sale, I wouldn't mind buying it.  It's on almost an acre and after grandpa died in 2020, she FINALLY got the kitchen and front room remodel she's been begging grandpa for for 40 years.  I was glad she was finally able to get at least 3 years with what he'd denied her.  I sent the link to the Mr and he said it was really tempting and if I really wanted to, we'd move on it especially since the price is about $100K under what we assumed it would be.  As we talked, and I talked about the good memories I had there when I was little (as well as my childhood dog being buried there), then the emotional baggage started popping up.  When dad divorced us, essentially his entire family divorced me as well.  My grandpa always treated me like *I* did something to him and as I saw the Christmases of my early youth, I also felt the disgust he seemed to have for me and the constant pissiness.  If he'd died when I was young, this would be easy but he's the reason we never went to visit because seeing her meant dealing with him.  How would I be able to sleep in their bedroom?  It's not like I have recent memories there but the front room looks EXACTLY the same down to the faux brick applied with black grout in the 70's.  In addition to needing to rip that out, we'd need to replace 60 year old insulation too and who knows what we might uncover once we start ripping things out.  He was not known for his attention to fixing things so I can only assume things were ignored and/or jerry rigged.  Part of me really wants to get it and the other part fears I'd immediately regret it and we both feel like that side of the family would think they had license to drop by whenever they wanted to.  Lots of emotions I wasn't ready for.

We went down to get in our workout.  One mile Walk Away the Pounds then LIIFT4 Back and Bi's.  It really killed my left shoulder.  I had to spend quite a bit of time rolling my shoulder against the cement wall.  It wasn't just the rotator cuff muscles but also the parts of the front of the arm as well as the lats just under the armpit so there is a whole capsule that needs to be seriously rolled out.  Once doesn't do it because there is so much dysfunction there.  In thinking back, I think it initially started when I fell the first day of vacation last year because I instinctively put both arms out to not faceplant.  While my shins got it quite horribly, I never thought about my arms/shoulders.  A couple of months later, we went through everything with Mom and I started sleeping with my arms crossed over my heart in addition to being on my side so everything just locked up and I've been fighting it for 4 months.  The chiro really wants me to go to PT for it but I have some other things I need get in check before I can commit to that so I have to look up crap on YouTube.  

In addition to that, I just got another diagnosis that came out of the blue so swing back by tomorrow for that. this what getting old is just getting diagnoses flung at you?  😒   I don't know that we got the stuff done that I thought we would because work stuff got in my face more than I would've liked so I guess I need to make a to do list so we're not totally screwed this weekend.

How was your weekend?

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  1. It was a pretty low key weekend and I did have that feeling like there was something I was supposed to do but it beats me what it was. Oh well. Enjoy the week people!

    1. Well thank you for getting the weeding done. I don't know with the current state of my shoulders that I could have without serious repercussions. We need to sit down and make a to do list fo' sho.

  2. I'm glad you had a low key weekend given what you went through during the week. Slower pace, more rest time, time to absorb...all things you guys needed. I can understand how all the emotions came up, both the good and bad, with your grandparents' house being up for sale. I'm glad your cousin told you about the house because that puts the choice in your hands, rather than finding out after the fact that it was sold. Knowing there is an option available can help you make a firm decision in your mind, and there can be some emotional resolution with that, either way you decide.
    My weekend was so-so. Emotionally tapped out, but that helped me to focus on getting physical things done, and quite a bit was accomplished. I have to laugh when I see the top of the dresser loaded with my sloppily folded jeans. I think there are maybe two pair that are comfortable and that's it. And yet there is a plethora of denim gazing back at me, demanding decisions to be made. That's when I huffily walk out of the room and say, "Not today, denim. Not today." lol

    1. I really would love to see what we could do to the house to make it our own but I fear the ghost of my grandpa would always be there...haunting it. I hope that your weekend was better after turning off your phone and getting stuff crossed off the of to-do list always makes you feel better mentally. (As I sit in a plethora o' piles)


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