Friday, March 29, 2024

What I'm Reading This Week #13

Haaaa-deeeeeeeeeeee (Minnie Pearl style and if you don't remember who that is, you're probably at the wrong blog.)


Welcome to the last Friday of March and Easter weekend.  I hope you had a great week and are ready for a nice holiday weekend.  The Mr seems to be finally turning a bit of a corner with his sickness.  He went to the pharmacy to get an official Covid/Flu test that are more accurate than the home tests so if he needed meds he could get them and thankfully just a cold.  Because he knows that colds for me are a multi week ordeal, he's been kind enough to take extra precautions and I've cleaned handles more than I did in 2020.  (I think the incentive is more that he wants his Easter bunny on time 😉)  

Now let's hop to:

32% Of People Have Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease — But It Can Be Reversed  (Good info to know.  Treat yourself like you have it because often it's found by accident.)

Strengthen your hips rather than just stretching them to "sort out tight hips for good"  (They're not wrong and then when you get them strong, KEEP doing the moves that got them there or suffer the wrath!)

How This Guy Lost 245 Pounds in Less than 3 Years  (Always good to read a success story!)

Study Finds Moving Meditation Helps Aging Adults Sleep Better & Improve Mood  (Looks like we'll have to take up one of these for retirement.)

Want To Declutter Your Brain? Cross Something Off Your 'Needle List'  (I need to do this.  I get overwhelmed by EVERYTHING then do nothing.)

Scientists Identify Speech Trait That Foreshadows Cognitive Decline  (I can vouch as this was the glaring sign my grandma had and it happened for years but was never addressed.  You can bet when I do the same I make sure I blurt out the proper one when I think of it!)

How to Decorate with What You Already Have  (I bet you have more than you thought!)

8 Things You Might Not Know About Fabio  (ROFL...I used to love him back in the day.  One day he came to town on some tour and we got his calendar to sign.  I got one for my friend who couldn't be there and the Mr took it up to him for her since it was one per person.  Fabio looks at the Mr and is like "what can I do for you?" in his thick Italian accent and the Mr was like "just sign the calendar."  Still cracks us up.)

We're having our Easter a day early on Saturday.  We've kind of done that the past few years and now that we don't have family to spend it with, it doesn't really matter what day we have it on at this point.  Before Mom passed it was us trying to work our way back to normal and now it's just trying to white knuckle it through the days somehow.  Just add it to our next on the lists of 'firsts.'  🙄  I had a bunch of crap I bought at Christmas that we didn't use including honeybaked ham we froze so we didn't even need to get anything other than brioche buns and Swiss cheese.  Thank goodness for Target pickup because I didn't even need to go inside for Easter candy.  Lazy Easter yo.

What are you doing this weekend?  What's on the Easter table?

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  1. TGIF! Lucky 13! I woke up feeling normal today and that is great. I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend!

  2. It's a beautiful Good Friday day here, which is rare in these parts. I work today and tomorrow and the hubs works Sunday and I'll go to church. He's vacuuming right now, and then I'll get cracking on the housework and washing towels and bedding this afternoon. Have a great weekend and happy to hear the Mr. is feeling much better today!


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