Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Food Review: Chef's Cut Chipotle Cracked Pepper Beef Jerky

On occasion, our grocery store does freebies.  Sometimes there are healthier options, sometimes not so much.  We always make sure to jump on the ones that are items that we've always wondered about but weren't ready to plunk down our own dough for it.  When we saw this Chef's Cut Beef Jerky, we thought we'd give it a try.  We are strictly Slim Jim folks.  Tabasco Slim Jim's  (affiliate link) to be exact.

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Yes, I know, they're not the "real" thing but it's what we both grew up on so we'll always have a place in our heart for them.  Now on to the real stuff.  We got the Chipotle Cracker Pepper Beef Jerky.

Pardon...steak jerky.

Here's the nutritional information.

About on par with most sodium wise and we did appreciate that the ingredients were at least things we could pronounce.  (Sorry, I cut them off on the side.  Derp!)  Given we both do strength sessions, we thought it might be nice to have another option if our protein was a little low on those days.  Granted, it would likely be more for the Mr because my body instantly balloons on the sodium.  So here it is outta the bag.


Well, I'm going to be honest.  I took a bite and spit it out and then literally washed out my mouth with water as the Mr was readying himself to try it.  This did not give him confidence.  I laughed and told him to forget what he just saw and that just because I didn't like it didn't mean he wouldn't.  He sniffed it and wrinkled his nose and then took a small bite and I wish I would've taken a picture of his face before he ran to chuck the bag.  It was comical.  If anyone remembers the 80's dog food Tender Chunks or Canine Carry Outs, that is what the texture reminded me of.  To be clear, I am not saying this tastes like dog food!  I'm saying the texture reminds me of it because I am not accustomed to eating jerky prepared this way.  I want to be up to date on my jerky game like the cool kids.  As much as I would like to be down with hipster jerky, I couldn't.  We're sticking with the super processed once a year in our stocking Slim Jim's.

Now I know it's going to be hard to read that and see me write "but maybe YOU will like it."  It's true though, you just might.  I'm a texture person and when the texture isn't familiar to me, I'm usually out.  Hell, it took me a lifetime to finally like strawberries due to texture or 25 years to finally like pumpkin pie so my view on new-to-me ways to eat old classics is likely skewed.  If you like natural jerky, I'd be willing to bet you're used to this texture and might just like it.  It does give a good bit of protein to make a good pre or post workout snack.  Matter of fact per serving, it's twice the amount of protein, 40 calories less and 100mg less sodium than Jimbo so take that into consideration.

But for me and mine, we shall continue to snap into it.

What kind of jerky do you like?  

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  1. I really thought I was going to like this, cause even though I like slim jim's a lot, I also have had some other types of jerky and like a lot of them. But this? Ugh, no way. Texture is definitely part of it but the overall flavor was just bad. I almost hope we just got a bad batch because it seems like a waste of perfectly good steak for someone to make something this bad out of it.

  2. I'm sure someone out there likes this. I don't like jerky very much in general, and really only like homemade stuff in small doses. I can't stand the texture of slim jims - Funny how we all have our "things".

  3. My favorite is my husband's home made venison jerky. I am not a slim jim fan, however, give me Old Wisconsin beef sticks and I will eat those all day long

  4. The main beef jerky that I like is called Uncle Mike's and aside from Slim Jim's and Old Wisconsin, it's the only kind I buy. I just got 4 bags at the apple orchard and there's only one place online I've been able to find to buy it in the off season. Both the hubs and I enjoy this brand immensely.


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