Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Zombie woman and movie night

(I didn't take any pics yesterday so here's a pic of where I'd rather be right now)

I woke up a total zombie yesterday morning.  The Mr's injury means he's now in positions that make him snore thereby waking me up almost every night.  I couldn't take it, went down to the couch to try to sleep at 2:30am and our newer couch is just the worst for sleeping.  I could actually hear the water running through the copper pipe in the fridge at a slight high pitch and it was driving me insane.  After 90 minutes, I finally fell asleep in a horrid position until the timer on the lights came on and woke me up at 6:10am.  Completely irritated and ready to cry, I grabbed my pillows, went upstairs and collapsed in bed.  After about 10 minutes, I fell asleep until 9am when the landscapers arrived and started working out front.  If I don't get some sleep this year, I'm going to end up a total mess.  I think it's part of the reason my body isn't recovering properly because every day I'm just broken then no deep sleep for more than an hour or two.  The Mr has offered to sleep on the couch a few times a week until he's recovered since I can't sleep on the couch and he can sleep on cement without issue.  I know it's not his fault but it is.  LOL  Let's just hope he heals up quickly and we can move on.

The day was pretty uneventful and then we had to go down and do our second to last Fitness Blender program workout.  My knees hurt, my shoulder hurt and I just want a break.  Today is the last day of the formal program.  I'm just proud we made it to the end!

Last night was movie night.

We rented Creed and The Night Before.  (affiliate links) 

I totally understand why Sylvester Stallone was nominated for an Oscar.  He did a wonderful job and Michael B. Jordan was robbed because he did a great job as well.  I don't even remember if I saw the original Rocky...I think maybe on TV back in the day or something so I don't have anything to compare it to.  What I'm saying is you don't need to have really seen the original to appreciate Creed.  I thought Phylicia Rashad was so sweet and loved seeing her in this too.  I would definitely recommend it.

As far as The Night Before...I went in thinking it would be a stupid comedy and I was right.  It made me want chocolate.  Is it possible to get osmosis munchies from a weed movie?  Oh, did I mention Seth Rogen was in it?  Hence the weed.  There were a few laughs but I can't in good conscience recommend it.

Do you have any sleep issues?  Rented any movies lately?

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  1. I cannot recommend The Night Before either. But Creed was really good. Both actors should have been at least nominated for sure!

  2. No movie rentals lately. It just seems like I never have the time, but I can't figure out how I'm so busy.

    Sleep has been better for me lately. If I could just get the kitten to realize that 2am is not playtime it would be even better.

  3. I use earplugs when its getting particularly noisy in my house or when I stay in hotels. The pink ones from Walgreens are nice and soft and hold out enough noise to let me sleep deeper than usual when I need them.
    Just rented Spy - loved it, watching it again before it goes back. Antman- I like the tie in to the avengers and will make the hubby watch tonite before it goes back. The Intern. I thought it was cute, but I found other things to do while it was on. And I have San Andreas but haven't watched it yet.

  4. I have major sleep issues and have for years. When I use my c-pap consistently it makes a world of difference and I don't snore and get good, quality sleep. But if I'm sleeping downstairs or if I'm just restless, my sleep is way off and I'm lucky to get three hours. Have always struggled with it.


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