Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Appreciating the pioneers

It's Hump Dayyyyyy!

It was a pretty low key day.

We came in late on this amazing series on NatGeo called Generation X.  The Mr and I were kids during this period and we learned so much because when you're a kid, you take certain things for granted or don't pay attention.  We binge watched the episodes we missed.  Honestly,  I didn't even know that Generation X is considered from 1961-1981, I thought it was like 1970-1984.  I didn't know that the ERA never passed.  I didn't know that in 1961, Estelle Griswold who helped married couples obtain birth control through Planned Parenthood was actually charged and went to trial.

The thought that I could've been married to the Mr and our decision not to have children would've meant sex would involve homemade condoms with saran wrap and a scrunchie or everything but intercourse is just mind blowing.  I didn't realize how dangerously close I was to still be seriously oppressed.  I know many still consider women oppressed but in comparison to any time before the 1970's in America...not so much.  I am super grateful for pioneers in the women's lib movement that allow me to make decisions that relate to my body and what I can do with it as a grown ass married woman!  I also respect those women who didn't want that change to come into their lives and were perfectly happy with the men being head of household and them playing a supporting role.  I think people should be able to live the lives they choose.  As far as we know, we only get one so live it in appreciation for those before you who paved the way for you to have choices...even if the person next to you doesn't like or make the same choice.  Sorry, I don't like to get all political or anything like that but man, if you get the chance, watch that series online.  It truly makes you appreciate so many aspects of life we take for granted.  I always like to learn more about a time I was alive but just not old enough to comprehend what was going on around me.


We did a killer lower body workout and man did I feel it pretty immediately.  Walking today should be "fun."  But at least it was Taco Tuesday...

Do you like to learn about modern history to better understand grown up issues of your childhood?

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  1. That is a great show. It really makes you re-think your perspective a bit. All this stuff was happening as we were growing up and we were too much in "kid mode" to know it and yet we still had some idea that things were changing all around us. I love shows like that and I highly recommend it to anyone considering watching it.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation - tv is getting stale and my brain needs to be educated and not turn to mush. :)

    BTW - whatever hoodoo was going on with not being able to access your webpage has alleviated. YAY!


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