Friday, March 4, 2016

What I'm Reading This Week 2016 #9

Finally the weekend!

When the Mr got home yesterday, he came home to find me in the office that is about 89% clean, dropped a few expletives and marveled at the fact we have a desktop again.  I want to finish it up today so I can finally breathe where that room is concerned.  It's been a heap far too long and if we're going to get business done for other stuff, it needed done.

But enough about my sudden burst of cleaning that got done and get to...

The 20 Best Body-Weight Exercises   (Feel the burn)

12 Financial Moves to Make When a Loved One Dies  (Morbid but should read it)

An Open Letter to Anyone Who Thinks They're Fat (From Someone Who Is)  (I agree with most of this but some

8 of the Most Toxic Items You Have in Your Home  (Some may surprise you)

Why Fat Shaming Doesn’t Promote Health And What You Can Do Instead  (Good read)

I got hacked mid-air while writing an Apple-FBI story  (Something ALL of you should read if you fly)

The Foods That Can Really Reduce Inflammation  (Yay, I eat most of these!)

19 Exercises to Help You Say Bye-Bye to Boring Crunches  (Buh bye)

The Miracle of Make Up  (Courtesy of The Mr)

Chewie Proves It: Han Shot First  (For the Mr)

Making Sense Of Science: The Truth About Carbs – Part 1

Making Sense Of Science: The Truth About Carbs – Part 2 

Perimenopause Symptoms, Explained  (Gee...can't wait)

'Robin Williams' tunnel gets its signs  (So happy and so glad to have been a part of the petition to help get it renamed)

HomeAway tweaks its rental commissions, adds traveler fee  (Seriously!?  We use them all the time and now I'm going to have to look elsewhere first.  I'll be damned if I'm paying a 9% effin' fee!!!)

Bruce Springsteen wows ladies of all ages at Leap Day show  (Aww, so sweet!)

Going into the weekend without a plan again.  Last weekend we were walking a line so I hope we come up with something.

Whatchu guys into this weekend?

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  1. Great job on the office! Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. Congrats on getting the office cleaned! What a great feeling that is! I need to do that in my office here -- it's a mess and not at all conducive to good focus.

    Will be taking the dogs to mom's this morning and then will go do my strength training and cardio workouts. Had a great workout with my trainer girl yesterday to show me the ropes so now I'm on my own for 30 days. I'm sore today but in a good way. =o) Tomorrow I lead a meeting and then I really need to get the kitchen table area cleaned up (another stressor with piles upon piles) so I can work on pictures and memo boards. It's supposed to be 60 degrees on Sunday so I'd love to get the dogs out for a walk. My one pooch is recovering from dental surgery and is itching to romp around but he's on restrictions until tomorrow.

    Have a super duper weekend!!!


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