Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hump Day recap

It's the last day of the heck did that happen?

Yesterday was a pretty good day.

The Mr was good enough to take care of some rental car stuff and we ended up getting $300 back on our pre-paid reservations.  The woman said the rates went down since we booked so if you pre-pay reservations, it might be worth giving them a ringy dingy before you go to see if you've got money coming back to you.  How often does that ever happen? 

I was trying to work ahead and be productive so I was glad to happen upon a stash of posts I apparently wrote then never hit publish on.  Derp!  I started using a product I'll be reviewing in a few weeks so we'll see how that pans out.  

I noticed that yesterday was going to likely be the only nice day the rest of the week and given I was feeling a little sore, I thought I'd switch around the exercise program.  So it was just me, the Mr and the turkeys in the park...

It was coincidence that it was actually Walk in the Park Day so I'll pretend I knew that before we went.  So today we'll do the upper body I had planned for yesterday.  We had tacos and roasted carrots for dinner.

We've been doing very well on eating slow this week.  The other thing I need to improve on is getting in my water way earlier.  I'm not getting my last bottle in until 9-10pm and you can imagine that doesn't make for a good night's sleep.  Is that why they call it the "wee hours?"

Have you ever gotten back unexpected money?  How many bathroom trips (if any) do you make a night?

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  1. It's like there are periods of time where it seems like you get nothing but expenses. But then there are times where money just kind of comes out of nowhere and this is one of those awesome times. I hope it continues, like, forever!

  2. Yes for unexpected money - we booked a trip to Disney with a travel agent and they automatically contacted Disney to take advantage of a reduced rate. I knew it was possible to do this and it's part of the reason I went through the travel agent. Not sure that is possible with cruises or hotels, but I suspect this is most common with Disney.

    One bathroom trip a night for me, and it's usually between 4 and 5:30.
    It looks like Thanksgiving found you! I love hiking and seeing wild animals!

  3. A few times I've gotten back deposits that I forgot I'd paid, once my gas company sent me a check because I'd overpaid. Few and far between though.

    On a good night I don't get up at all, but I'm usually up once sometime in the night.

  4. Usually up once a night if I am doing the water right. Right around 2am.
    Money refunds? Hardly ever.

  5. I've gotten refunds on my homeowner's insurance premiums in the past and that's always a nice surprise. And I've had wonderful luck with the dogs' insurance as well. When Finn had tummy issues to the tune of $600+ I paid it and got reimbursed for all of it except the $250 deductible. I was thrilled. I currently have a claim in for his dental surgery so I'm hoping they'll pay at least a portion of that. That'd be the bees knees!

    As for potty breaking in the middle of the night, I'm up multiple times. It seems like every two or three hours. This first week after surgery was really something and I think I went every hour. There must have been a lot of fluid build up in me from the procedure because it was constant. I only got up once last night though around 4am so I felt like I got some solid sleep! =o)


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