Thursday, March 3, 2016

Workout (program) Complete

The Mr got a taste of what I go through when I have to come down on the couch.  Not pretty.  But I appreciate he took one for the team.

Twas quite a busy day for me yesterday.

I had some posts I had to edit and stuff to get done.  I meant to get into the office sooner but it was closer to the end of the day.  I got some bins organized and put them away.  I organized my food prop table, dusted and weeded out what I wanted to donate.  I got some cards put away that were piling up.  So while I didn't get as much as I wanted done, I got some things accomplished.  But I also ended up kicking up some dust and my allergies shut down the office cleaning party.  I might have to goggle up next time.

We went down to do our last FB workout of the 2 month program.  There's nothing like earning your workout complete but tonight we earned our...

I'll review our experience with the program next week.

We had orange salmon over mixed veggies and brown rice.  Then we caught up on the DVR.  The People vs. OJ, The Muppets and The Goldbergs.

What workout programs have you done for an extended period of time?  (Power 90?  Insanity?  Etc)

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  1. Not gonna lie I am very happy to be done with that program. But like you said, we'll elaborate next week. The People vs OJ is still really surprising me. I wish I knew exactly how truthful some of the scenes are but it is like watching the real event all over again with the added flavor of the behind the scenes stuff and I love it.

  2. Im currently doing The Master's Hammer and Chisel. I love it. Kindof getting tired of having the colume on though but the workout is definitely my cup o joe. Im halfway through a 60 day program. I see (well, hubby sees and has been kind enough to point out) definition in my legs and glutes. I also see it in my stomache and shoulders. And i just bought my first set of 15 lb dumbbells. Pretty exciting. I used to lift a lot when i was younger. I like how quickly my body responds to the heavy resistance.

  3. I have never completed a fitness program that combined both strength and cardio. All I have done is a few different running programs, the C25K, the Running Room 10K program, and a few others. I've just started what seems to be my annual C25K program, as I hate running in the winter and on a treadmill.

  4. I haven't done any specific workout program long term except the Walk Away the Pounds series, but that's different from P90X, etc. What I'm currently doing is building up my cardio, which is ridiculously bad with all this fatigue, and have a strength training regimen. I meet my trainer girl today to go through my entire workout with her and then I'm on my own for four weeks before I meet up with her and we assess where I am. It's funny, being the social anxiety misfit that I am, I purposely wear bright neon pink or yellow tops when I'm there. I figure if I'm going in I'm going to be all in. LOL!!

  5. I'm a fan of walking/!jogging! outside but thanks to the Mrs and her review and feedback, Walk away the pounds (4 or 5 miler) is my go to inside workout whenever my brother can't jog with me. Looking forward to your as usual very honest review! Although these workout programs do entice me, I tend to get stuck trying to understand the moves so then I get bored and figure that I might as well do something I know and actually move, than waste time trying to figure out what I am meant to be doing (hope that's clear). Btw I'm Fen Mar Giul on fcbk.

  6. I haven't done any one plan for an extended period. I bought a Jillian Michaels program on dvd, but found out that I can't stand to listen to her so I only made it through the first workout a couple times. I tried muting the dvd, but then I don't know when it's time to change moves. I have been doing zumba regularly for over a year, but that's not really the same thing. I'm glad you're done with the program, and I'm interested to see what you thought.

  7. True Jillian Michaels does have an annoying voice (her laugh!). The four and five miler are very easy to follow on mute.


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