Thursday, March 10, 2016

Things I'm Lovin' This Week

Slooooowly snaking our way to the weekend.

Man this week has been long or is it just me?  I know the Mr will be happy for the weekend as he's had to be in charge this week and every time he's the supervisor, it hits the fan.  I'm sure if he could throw a full punch, he'd hook the weight bag back up.

But let's not dwell on the poopy aspects of the week thus far and peep some things that are making things more bearable for me this week!

I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it by The 1975  (affiliate link) 

I literally learned some of the lyrics in my sleep because I cannot get this out of my head!  If you are remotely a fan of 80's new wave or bands like INXS, The Police and others of that ilk, you will love this album.  I'm sad to not be in on their initial success since this is their second album but for someone in desperate need of new music, this fits the bill in so many ways for me.  We were in Target and their song "Love Me" came on (try to get past the weird screechy sound in the beginning because the rest of the song is awesome) and we literally stopped in our tracks to see what it was.  Do you know how long it's been since a song has done that for me?  I don't remember, it's been that long.  The album is actually surprisingly mellow compared to the set they did on SNL of Love Me and The Sound.  There are several instrumentals which I LOVE.  (Tiger, Tiger was always one of my favorite Duran Duran songs.   Evan and Crockett's Theme were some of my faves as well as a kid...straight off the Miami Vice soundtrack.)  The song Please Be Naked turned me into a puddle of tears as well as Nana.  Click here to see some videos from this release and it looks like they'll be releasing Somebody Else soon...another great song.  Can't wait for the video.  Oh yeah and Matty and George (singer and drummer) are droolworthy enough to make me feel like a dirty middle aged lady.  Matty is a mix of Michael Hutchence and Colin Farrell.  Holy hell.

Back Buddy Trigger Point Massage Tool  (affiliate link) 

I saw this contraption at Bed, Bath and Beyond one time and laughed at it.  Then when all of my muscles were fighting to recover at once along with pain from bad sleeping positions, it was all I wanted.  I bought it and holy cow does it help every single area of mah bod!  The two little knobs there right behind where she's holding are used to help relieve the neck tension of weird sleep positions when I get up.  (Or before bed from a bad day)  The knobs at either end are good for digging in your lower back, glutes and those muscles that you just can't reach.  It's good for trigger release techniques and deep tissue massage.  It's especially helpful if you don't have someone to give you a deep back massage or if your partner has a wussy threshold for digging in.

TJ's Greek Mango Yogurt

Yep...if you can friggin' believe it, there is one flavor of yogurt that doesn't make me yarf into the sink if I lick the spoon.  NEVER discontinue this flavor Joe. I've jinxed myself.

Break Point  (affiliate link) 

I have this weird thing where if I really love a show, when it's over I must then support the actors in their next projects.  This means being a Six Feet Under fan, I had to follow Peter Krause to Parenthood...Michael C. Hall to Dexter (which then led me to have to follow Jennifer Carpenter to Limitless) ...Frances Conroy to American Horror Story and of course Jeremy Sisto to anything else he does.  (Though to be fair, I follow him to SFU because I was a Hideaway fan.)  Got all that?  Anyhoo, he was really hyping this movie on his Twitter and I wasn't sure about it but we rented it the other night and it was actually pretty frickin' funny.  Of course I like potty mouth Jeremy so it was right up my alley.  It was good seeing him in something funny again for a change and not having to be confined in by a prime time slot like Suburgatory.  It was well written and well cast.  I really wasn't feeling the kid until about the middle of the film but he grows on ya a little.  After checking his Twitter again and scrolling back, I see ABC has the rest of the Wicked City eppys they shot....binge watch of 4 episodes is in order!

Sarah Paulson in The People vs. O.J. Simpson

The O.J. trial was a major part of the Mr and I's lives when we first got engaged.  We were working at a law firm and this was the first trial where this crap ass standard we've come to accept as a society of thriving on the gory details came from.  We'd gather with all of the people in our downtown office in the cafeteria with the O.J. trial on and I can't count how many times we were late getting back to the office.  Watching Sarah Paulson in this show is mind blowing.  We have to remind ourselves we're not watching the real thing.  I heard she went pretty method for it and it worked.  She'd better get an Emmy!!

What are you guys loving this week?

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  1. All good stuff and I love the new music too. I'm also loving the People VS OJ show. It's so weird watching it because most of the actors do such a great job that it's truly like watching the real thing but with the additional behind the scenes stuff we never got to see. But of all the great acting, Sarah Paulson definitely deserves the Emmy here. She IS Marcia Clark!

  2. Break Point sounds like it could be worth a rent. I could use some funny. That contraption looks like something I'd laugh at too, but it's amazing how some of the funniest things turn out to be so absolutely useful.

    Thanks for the new music tip - I went to YouTube and I'm listening now. I'll give a few more tracks a shot and then maybe go buy the album.

  3. Thanks for the tip on The 1975 - I really like their sound!

  4. Bosch is finally coming back to Amazon prime and I cannot wait!!

  5. I'm loving the AC/DC Back in Black CD I finally bought for myself on Ebay after a gazillion years of saying I would (along with Dusty Springfield). I'm also loving the warmer weather and seeing all the pretty spring things that are out there for the outdoors. Most of it I wouldn't put out because our winds are hellacious, but I still like to preen at the pretty flags and garden items. Also am very excited about the jacket I bought at Catherines (see link) that I paid exactly $0 for! Here's how that went: 30% off online, plus $50 off coupon, plus free shipping, plus gift card in which I only had to use $55 of -- not too bad skippy! Who would have ever thought I'd wear this pretty bright color? But I've been wearing neon pink and yellow lately, so why not this too?


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