Monday, March 7, 2016

A random weekend

Is it really Monday again?  

Friday was a triumphant day.  I got the office 100% done.  I don't ever remember it looking that good since we transformed it from a guest room to an office.  I thought everything just levitated, there's apparently a floor under there.  The Mr almost pooped himself.  We just kept occasionally looking in there and smiling or sitting in the chair.  I know, sad.  

Saturday I had to make a test batch of the mac and cheese I'm making for Easter.  It's Hominy Grill in Charleston's recipe.  For our batch, I used whole wheat pasta, used 2% milk and cut the salt in half to see how it would taste.  See, my family likes everything from chain restaurants and therefore full of salt.  Our tastebuds can't quite handle that anymore.  It turned out good...

I used mild and sharp cheddar and havarti.  I think for Easter, I'll do all sharp and either stick with havarti or use fontina and I'll have to use all of the salt because while it's good for our tastes, my family would leave that shizz in the bowl.  Sigh.  So I'll just have a little bit.  I'm making it because otherwise I'd be having a ham slice and a cheeseball and cracker.  My aunt makes these cheesy potatoes that everyone loves but I don't because she uses a buttload of sour cream.  (Remember, I hate tang...hence no yogurt straight up or sour cream)  I suspect I will have wished I just made the Velveeta Shells and cheese and be done with it.

I rarely have to try the latest holiday fad but being a life long Cadbury Egg fan (though I feel I'm about done with them...they don't taste quite right), we grabbed some of these Creme Egg Cookies.

It does taste like a crunchy creme egg.  It might be something fun to bring to Easter and let everyone try.  There's 6 per package and Walmart had the best price for them if anyone is interested.  (But for the record, nothing I'd need to buy again.)

I did not fall for this crap.

I guess the egg nog people are trying to figure out how to market it for other holidays.  Though I sense had it been the light version, the Mr would've been all over it.

This was the best thing I've seen in a long time.

I thought it was funny as I was looking for a stainless steel funnel to replace my plastic one, Amazon showed me this...

Sunday we had our usual jazzy brunch, chilled a bit, went into the office and laid on the floor...because we can now.  Then after a peek on Old, I saw some shirts that might be good for summer vacay so we headed to the store so I could try them on.  I got a nice little haul for $50.

The Mr tried on some shirts in the store and the ones we liked we bought online so we could buy them in the tall section since they don't sell those in store.

We stopped by the grocery and when we got home we got to our lower body workout.  It was later than we'd hoped and we still had a lot of crap ahead of us.  I made dinner and got this together while the Mr made his lunch, switched out dishes and cut my veggies for the week.

Whew!  Now I'm ready to collapse!

What did you guys do this weekend?

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  1. Wow, when you see it all laid out like it is here you realize just how random the weekend was! Here's to another week!

  2. Had a wedding. Ate too much. 'Nuff said.

  3. Nothing so busy as yours. I stayed up late Friday night grading papers so I could have an actual weekend. Saturday I went with a friend who was wedding dress shopping 2 hours away, and Sunday I worked out, shopped, and went through a pile of mail that had been building up.

    I love that plate and cup. And who doesn't need a tiny little ax with their stainless steel funnel?

    I know you want to take something to Easter so you don't have to eat just a slice of ham and a cracker, but if you salt up your recipe that's all you'll be left with anyway. I'm actually the weirdo that prefers the stuff in the box with the un-natural orange powder to homemade mac and cheese.

  4. have you tried adding some freshly grated good parm to the mac? that adds a bit of salty, too. or sometimes i had a bit of feta. somehow, for me, that feels a bit better than adding straight up salt.


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