Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Even the plus size man gets the screws

When you're planning a trip to the islands, you need island attire.  I'm not talking a whole new wardrobe of loud aloha shirts and palm tree pants but a nice outfit for dinner is mandatory.  Island wear is a staple this time of year and the market gets flooded with the newest tropical inspired shirts from places like Tommy Bahama for Nordstrom to Walmart.

The Mr, like many of us, is one of those people that is one size up top and another size on the bottom and since most tropical shirts are button up, it can be irritating to find something that fits right.  More to the point, something that will fit right at the beginning and the end of a trip.  Because we go to the islands for multiple weeks...almost a month this time, our bodies are just riddled with bloat for all kinds of reasons.  Mostly sodium, also not drinking water as usual and just being off kilter from jet lag, weird wake and bed times.  By the time the body gets used to it, you're heading back home.  So clothes that are more fitted or button ups that fit at the beginning of a trip may throw up the white flag by the middle to end of it.

I got my dress for our anniversary dinner and because it's a maxi dress, it fits well because it's basically a drape ala Carol Burnett.  "I saw it in the winda and I just couldn't resist it."  When I got mine in and tried it on, it got the Mr wanting a new shirt too.  So I looked high and low for something that was appropriate for island fancy dinners but not so loud it screamed tourist.  After 14 trips there, you see what the noobs wear vs. the locals.  I found this really cool pattern at Macy's and sent the link to the Mr to see what he thought.  He loved the black and the grey so they'd be subtle but dressy.

We always like to order talls because when your stomach is the issue, they seem to like to make button ups shorter and it can ride up.  So we started with the grey 2XLT.  We knew XLT might be fine the first few days but Hawaiian food is all about salt whether it's loco moco or broiled fish and by week three he'd be without a nice shirt.  Well the pattern was nice but he was swimming in it!  It was ridiculous!  Because there was so much room, we wondered if we should've just gotten the XLT.  So I saw the black was available in that and ordered it to see what we were working with.

Well, here...

He's firmly between sizes.  My heart broke for him because neither of these is going to work and while I thought about having the bigger shirt altered, we both agreed that we shouldn't have to alter a brand new shirt.  So he sent them back and I ordered a plain ol' 2X to see if that fits.  I've got my fingers crossed it does because we both really like the shirt.  If it doesn't fit, I have no clue where we're going to find something that isn't $140 like Tommy Bahama or something like that and we both think that is ridiculous for a shirt.

Of course do you think they carry these shirts in their damn store so he could try them on???  Nope.  Just like Old Navy and plenty of other stores, they have no problem selling to you online and offering you free returns but don't come browse in our actual stores.  What's the matter, think we're going to eat your skinny patrons for a snack?

So see ladies...'plus size' men feel our pain too.

Do you have to play the "mail back the plus sized clothes that don't fit" game because the store won't carry plus sizes?  If so, call out the store in the comments.  Our money spends just the same as everyone else!

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  1. Hey ya'll I'm a tween! So frustrating. I really think the black shirt would work if it wasn't a button up but I do feel like I could sit down and inadvertently shoot someone with a flying button! I just hope the replacement one works out cause I really like those shirts!

  2. Most stores don't carry the long inseams in store either or they start at size 8. I have order all of my pants online so I can get the correct inseam.

    The only store I've found that carries the long inseam in store in all of the sizes, is NY&Co.

    So I do understand the struggle of not being able to try things on in store

  3. I mostly shop at thrift stores so I have a whole other set of frustrations, but that's my choice not the store's fault. I can get better brands than I can afford retail for and a lot of people donate stuff that's barely worn.

  4. I am stuck on the phrase, "Almost a month this time," and am so jealous I can't see straight.

    1. This is why we don't have kids. ;)

      There's also some business thrown in there too so it's not all play if that makes it any better.

  5. Do you guys have a Destination XL nearby? They aren't super cheap but they aren't $140 Tommy Bahama either :) I believe they have everything from XL-6XLT

    1. I did check them out and the cheaper ones were a little loud and the ones that weren't...Tommy Bahamas! LOL But thank you for the suggestion!

  6. Oh yes, I know this one well. I can't tell you how many times I've had to return things because a shirt either looks like a box and has zero shape whatsoever (pintucking just makes it look like a frumpy smock) or the neck is so wide you could fit three heads in there. And yet the socks are so tight around the ankles that my legs end up looking like that little kids toy with the rings that go on a poll that get smaller as you go up. I can't shop at a lot of the places because a 4x at some stores is more like a 2x on me, so I've been fooled many a time. Totally get your frustration with this!!


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