Monday, March 21, 2016

Welcome Spring...hand me the winter coat

Happy Monday all!

The Mr worked basically two shifts Thursday so he took Friday off since he was up until 4am that morning.  It was the last day before a cold front set in so we wanted to take the opportunity to do our first three miler of the season.

The ducks were enjoying the mild weather...

We enjoyed some beautiful blooms on the trees.  Sadly they were already starting to fall so I'm hoping they stick around at least a week or two so we can enjoy them.

Saturday wasn't a great day for me and sadly, I took some of it out on the Mr.  I declared holding puppies was in order.

He did make me feel better.  He was a rescue runt but once they brought his brother in, that sweet little face morphed into a seething bastard that didn't like his brother playing with his toy.  The dog went Tyson and bit his brothers ear, clamped down and would not let go even after he sent an Earth shattering yelp that echoed through the store and had everyone looking at us like we dropped them or something.  Literally ten people from employees to patrons ran over and even though they could see the dog was being a shit, they gave us the side eye.  That was just icing on the cake to my day.  I can't even hold puppies without it going into the crapper.

Sunday the Mr and I talked, we had brunch and discussed our new Easter plans which now have us all going to Grandma's house because apparently she is so wobbly on her feet that her husband doesn't think he can handle shuttling her over anymore.  I was so furious because it is evident she needs to go in a facility.  I get you all want to honor her desire to not go into one but come on...he is 85, has bad knees that need surgery and in addition to everything else now he has to deal with her not being able to walk?!  Did I mention that a few months ago she plopped on the floor when my mom was watching her and refused to move and mom couldn't lift her?  Yeah, so I'm going to have to take some kind of sleeping aid to just be doped out of my mind because I don't know if I can hold my tongue...especially if I end up having spiky hormone issues.  Every time I've brought it up, I get how "when it gets worse" it'll happen.  How much worse does it need to get!?

Anyhoo...  the Mr finished rebuilding our desktop computer.  I'm thrilled because we were able to get a case that instead of being a beast that took up leg room where the chair went now fits under the desk drawers!

I know it was a major pain in the butt Saturday night but I'm so thankful the Mr put his superior techie skills to work to give up a totally updated system that will handle 4K video production now.  Thanks Mr!

How did you guys ring in Spring?

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  1. What an interesting weekend. Cold and dreary in spots and there was even a brief moment of warm sun mixed in with a rainy and snowy mess. Glad we got some extra time on Friday and it was nice to get out and walk.

    Seeing that pic you have of the old computer next to the new one really puts it into perspective as to how much smaller the new one is, yet it is more than two to three times as fast and has over 8 Terabytes of storage space built into it. We are so ready for 4k now it's ridiculous!

  2. After my knee surgery (3.5 weeks ago), I've been pretty depressed about the physical therapy. I can't seem to bend my knee like they want me to, without excruciating pain. I had to go 5 days (instead of 3) last week, because the doctor at my check-up insisted I needed to get that knee bent. It was so nice to have the weekend off from PT. Hubs and I took a walk outside, and even though it was pretty cold, it was nice to get out of the house for something besides doctor appointments and/or physical therapy. I plan to try and go a little farther every day just as I did back in 2010, when I started walking to lose weight. We watched my son's pup this weekend. She is four months old and quite a little terror. She jumps at you constantly (even though she's had six weeks of obedience training), and neither Du nor I can tolerate that, he has tubes coming out of him and I have a huge ugly wound on my right leg that doesn't need a little dog leaping at it. I used a spray bottle of water to try and keep her off me, but it was sure a relief when they came and picked her up last night. Plus she was just too much for our Bulldog. Juno (my sweet Bulldog) would come to me and want to get up on my lap, which I have not allowed since surgery, but I could not turn down that yearning in her eyes as she begged me to help her get away from that little puppy. The last straw was yesterday when pup started biting Juno's ears, and Juno would cry out in pain. Juno outweighs her and could easily be the BULLY (appropriate, don't you think) in the situation, but she is so kind and gentle, she never hurts anybody or anything. I think next time son asks me to watch his little pup, I'm going to suggest he board her at the vet's. At least until she calms down.
    I agree with you that it's time for Grandma to go to a home. It's just too much for Grandpa, sometimes people forget the caregiver. Good luck holding your tongue on Easter.

  3. Wow those trees look beautiful! Are they cherry blossoms? I'm sorry you had an icky Saturday. Feel free to email me if you need to vent. The computer rebuild is awesome! You have such greater ability for videos and all kinds of things -- it'll be like a fun new toy to play with!

    It's supposed to be cold and rainy every day this week except tomorrow which will be 61 degrees, but very windy. Welcome Spring! LOL Still feels good to have longer days of sunshine though.

  4. Duh...I meant to comment Easter before hitting send. Sheesh. That sounds like it's going to be a rough one this year. They are all in denial about what is best for Grandma and are only thinking about what makes THEM the most comfortable. Granted, Grandma didn't want to go into a facility (no one ever does! but this is a matter of safety and what's best for her and your Grandpa. There are really good facilities out there, despite only hearing about the bad ones. Once it becomes a "fall issue" then it's no longer a viable option to let her stay at home. The worst thing for the elderly is to fall and break a hip because so often they end up getting pneumonia afterwards and it's a nightmare. I totally get how you need to take something to get "fuzzy head" so you don't go off like a bomb. I'll definitely be praying for you on this because I know you are the only one in the family who's looking at it from a very pragmatic point of view and putting your grandparents first. Hang in there my friend. Big Hugs!!! xoxoxoxo


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