Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Planning is cramping my neck

Happy Hump Day!

I started doing a little vacation planning yesterday.  Well, I guess perusing Yelp wouldn't be considered vacation planning by most but I like to have options regardless of the parts of the islands we're going to be in.  It really sucks because Hawaii has a relatively high turnover on restaurants so our favorites either close or take a nosedive.  I'm super sad because one of the restaurants a friend of ours owns is getting really crappy reviews lately and I think unless he's with us, we're going to have to skip it.  We don't have 1-2 hours to waste sitting around waiting for food on vacay.  How do you tactfully ask "why aren't you doing anything about the crappy reviews for your restaurant?" without offending someone?

I think I spent like 3-4 hours going through different towns we'd be staying in, visiting websites, looking at menus and deciding whether or not to bookmark something for us to try.  I had to stop going through it all because the ringing in my ears (my newest stress signal) was getting loud.

We went down and started our Tae Bo workout.  I was looking forward to it until 20 minutes in, the tension in my neck and shoulders must've let loose because I had an insane flood of headache pain.  About 10 minutes later, I had to have the Mr get me some aspirin because I didn't trust I could walk up the stairs to get it.  By the end of the workout, it seemed like maybe it was letting up and honestly, I can't believe I made it through the whole thing.  I jumped in the shower thinking the heat on my shoulders would kick it to the curb.  It didn't.  I tried a new massage thingy I got and it didn't work long term because I need an elbow in the shoulders to release the hell.  Within 20 minutes it was back full force.  Sigh.  So my night was filled with head splitting pain.

I figured since aspirin didn't work, maybe a dumb comedy would help in the form of Sisters.  (affiliate link) 

I was about 25 minutes into it and almost ejected it but it thankfully picked up.  I was surprised to see the mom and dad from Life in Pieces were the parents in this movie.  (Dianne Weist and James Brolin)  I absolutely loved the character of James and when he deals with a ballerina issue, I laughed so hard my head throbbed and I didn't even care.  I'd say wait until it comes out on Redbox April 12th.  It was funny but I don't know if it was $3-5 rental funny.

Unfortunately it didn't do anything to calm my head so I went into the rest of the night and to bed with that bastard headache.  I'm hoping it doesn't follow me into today.

Would you mention reviews of someone's business to the owner when their reputation is suffering? (IE:  "So, do you ever Yelp your restaurant?" (knowing he doesn't) and hope he checks after your encounter.")

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  1. I hope your headache is better now. If not I have some ore elbow to share.

    That movie reminded me a bit of when I was a kid and my older brother would have parties. I realize now how he was one of those "peaked in high school" types. He would relate to that movie.

    1. Yes, I can definitely see him relating to that based on the stories you've told me!

  2. I think a friend would want to know.
    A simple "what's up with the yelp reviews?" would do it.
    When is vacay?

    1. I like that approach. If we get a meal there, it might be a good time to say that. The shocking thing was even though he was sitting with us, the service sure as heck didn't pick up but Hawaiian time is real.

      We've got a few months but I've got not only plan the trip but make sure business stuff is taken care of so it's like trying to plan three different aspects at once so I won't have to think about it while we're gone.

  3. I think as a business owner I'd want to know if I was getting bad reviews.

    I'll have a look for this one when it come out on RedBox.

    1. Yeah I think so too. I just want to step lightly.

      Yes, worth a rent for as cheap as possible.

  4. I'm sorry you had such a nasty headache. I hope you're feeling better now and that throbbing has stopped.

    I'd probably bring up the reviews in a nonchalant way like, "how's business going? What kind of feedback do you get?" It's sad that there's been some struggles there. Hopefully it's not the quality of the food due to cutbacks. Maybe he's had some turnover too and that can make things hard to run a smooth operation. Always a bit of a tricky subject though to navigate through.


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