Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Baby steps to recovery

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I went to the chiro yesterday.  It's been a week since my last treatment and I told him it was his lucky day because my legs were acting up too.  Thank God I shaved the forest with the John Deere the day before!  He looked at the legs first and felt around and hit a few knots and he's like "wow, this one is bruised a little" and I said "uh yeah, that's where I tried to exercise the demon with the roller, I failed."  He's like "yeah. I'd call that one a demon!"  When he was doing the knot release he was going a little light for my liking and when he got to "Bruiser", I said not to be afraid of digging or hurting me and he's like "I think you already did that...I'll laser it."  I don't care dude, just get rid of it.  I'm about to dress it, put a wig on it and qualify for the carpool lane.

He moved on to the shoulder, said I was right on schedule and then amended to say actually ahead of schedule.  He said the piano key affect is almost gone and only had one "key" left and pressed on the area.  I told him about how there was soreness in the back of the shoulder especially after the two upper body strength sessions.  I confessed I did flies Sunday night but with 8 pounds and when they felt too irritating, I went half range or dropped the weight altogether.  He smiled and asked how it felt.  I told him of all of the moves I did, that one was the most irritating but the next day I wasn't sore there but in the back.  He said all of that was good to hear and from what I said and the way it feels, it's progressing nicely.  I asked if there were any strength building exercises he recommended and he said everything I'm doing should help strengthen it so just continue on, go easy on flies weight wise and come back in a week.  I'm down with that!  Actually the Mr and I both go back the same day next week.  I'm a little concerned about his back and forth on progress.  The doc assured me that he's passing all of the range of motion tests he's doing and that's good.  But I think this TENS unit he got is actually doing more harm than good at this point.  When he gets really sore, he'll do it, it'll feel like he doesn't have a problem at all and then the following three days are sore almost to a detriment.  I think I'm going to hide it until he's totally healed.  I want him to be able to feel his true measure of soreness and not mask it.  He needs to ice and ultrasound and move forward with a true gauge of what he feels.

Baby steps, y'all.  So funny..when I typed that my shoulder twinged in pain.  Don't make me throw the ice pack back on, you little bastardo!

We did our workout of Fitness Blender HIIT and then had some orange fish over spinach polenta.

The Mr was really feeling the workout and I am a worried mama bear.  We both iced and hopefully he will feel better today or at least increasingly better as the week moves on.

He just put on O Tannenbaum from A Charlie Brown Christmas.  He knows how to make me schmile.

Do your injuries typically heal up on schedule or feel like two steps forward, one step back?

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  1. It was a bad day for my shoulder but it seems to be bouncing back a bit already. That TENS unit does work well but yeah, I think you need to feel some pain so you know not to overdo it. Otherwise it's encouraging to know that I am passing all of the Dr's range of motion tests - funny that he tells you that but doesn't say much about it to me.


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