Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Morose Monday

Happy March all!

That 1000 calorie workout we did Sunday crippled us so bad, the Mr had to call off of work yesterday.  We slept until about 9am.  The Mr strapped up the ice pack and so did I.  I had a recipe I needed to work on and since the sun decided to come out and give me some natural light, I took pictures along the way.  Of course it didn't turn out quite the way it did the first time so I transformed it into something different but it ticked me off that 4 hours of work didn't yield me what I wanted.  The Mr did some stuff in the office while I did that and took care of some techie stuff we needed done too.

It was a pretty quiet, uneventful day.

Then it was time to workout and honestly, I hissed at him at the mere mention of it.  I was feeling a little better than I was in the morning but I knew we were in for some cardio and moves I would have to alter.  By the end of the second video, I think we modified the second half of it because doing abs didn't interest either of us.  I'm just kind of over this program at the moment.  I will be glad when Thursday comes so we can be officially done .  (Actually it technically ends Wednesday because there's some fitness test you do at the end but we didn't do it at the beginning to compare so I chose an extra workout for us to do.)  Don't worry, I'll go into it next week...I think right now I'm tired of being sore so damn much and am cranky.

I made langostino rolls and Brussels for dinner and later for our snack we had the misfire snack that I made earlier, which was good.

I tuned in to watch The Voice and because it's hormone week I'm going to refrain from typing what I said when I saw Christina.  I was so glad to see Alison Porter from Curly Sue.  The Mr and I used to watch that all the time when we were dating.  I remember when she sang "Somebody to Love" in that movie and thinking she had a set of pipes on her.  I hope she wins or gets a contract out of it because she's so super talented.  Then I found this awesome show on the making of Airplane!  Man, we LOVE that movie!  I wish they could make ones like that now without people getting their knickers in a knot.

Do you have recipes that started out as one thing and end up something else?  Anyone watching The Voice?

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  1. Needed a true rest day and it helped. Though I still could have slept in again today. It's March!

  2. Airplane is a great movie. I think I need to watch it soon.

    When my recipes fail they usually fail spectacularly enough that there is no transforming them into something else. Unless of course you count transforming an omelet into fancy scrambled eggs, or perfectly good ingredients into trash can filler.

  3. Oh boy your workouts sound like they drain every ounce from you and leave you achingly sore to boot! You guys did an AWESOME job seeing it through these past couple of months, so be super proud of yourselves! I know you'll be happy to change it up though later this week. Hang in there -- just a couple of more days!

    One of the pups is at the vet today getting his dental surgery done. They'll biopsy the tissue they remove over his teeth, but God willing that will come back with no issues. Of course the one day I pick to do this it's snowing and blowing a good 30mph! ARGH! We'll pick him up this afternoon and he'll be out of it, which will confuse the other one. She was already crying in the car because she didn't understand where her buddy was. Funny, they ignore each other when they're together, but then miss each other when one's missing. LOL

    I was so tired last night that I fell asleep early and while I managed to watch Scorpion (show cracks me up) I had to record Blindspot. I catch glimpses of The Voice, but I've never watched an entire episode. What I have seen was pretty cool and the judges were actually very kind in their words and not mean and nasty. That Adam Levine is a cute little hunk, too.


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