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Friday, March 23, 2012

Something to celebrate

Three years ago today we started exercising after a 6 month hiatus.  We haven't stopped since.

For three years we haven't missed a single scheduled workout.

If it was on the schedule, it got done.

If something came up, it was done after a workout.

If we didn't want to, it was too damn bad.  It was on the schedule.  We had a streak to uphold.  I wasn't going to break it and neither was he.

Going from 494 lbs and crying after 7 minutes on my rower because my legs and ass were in such pain I could barely stand it to 292 lbs doing an hour of Turbo Fire, ChaLean Extreme, Supreme 90 Day or other high intensity workouts with more to come.

I think that's worth celebrating.

What's your longest exercise streak?

EDIT:  Let me clarify that scheduled exercise does not happen every day!  5-6x per week and we do not schedule formal exercise on vacations but make sure we burn at least 1000 calories per day walking, hiking or fitting in whatever active lifestyle we can while out of town.  I don't want you people thinking I'm some exer-cyborg that busts it out every day of the year!  LOL
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  1. 18 years?
    oh wait. not every day but sticking to plan :)


  2. That's definitely something to celebrate, congratulations!

  3. That is not only awesome, it's amazing. Especially during challenges like your recent illness. You guys are the king and queen of dedication!

    My longest streak? Three days?
    No, I'm sure I have done five in a row, but I've always taken weekends off unless it was something fun like a hike. (Hangs head in shame.)

  4. That is FANTASTIC, and definitely something to be proud of. I've been going since October, and that's the longest streak I've had in my life - quite happy about that!

  5. My goals are less than yours (3-5 workouts a week, not 5-6, with a rare 2 workout week). But I'm going on about 4 months.

  6. I just love your whole blog. I think you're hilariously blunt and I love it. Congrats on your streak.

  7. Always great to see that you have accomplished something so amazing!!! Wow - so proud of you - and it does help that you have a workout buddy!! Keep up the good work


  8. I'm still thinking about exercise. Actually I was faithful to walk for over two years but that stopped then I got married in 2009. That sounds like a cop out but it is the truth. Glad I found your site.

  9. You guys ROCK!!!! You are seriously superhero's!!!

  10. I went a couple of years when I was in losing and early maintenance phase. Even now, i rarely miss a scheduled workout. I might "reschedule" the time or move the days around, but *something* will get done.

  11. Thanks so much everyone! Make it a great weekend!

  12. You are awesome--that is DEFINITELY something to be proud of! I'm always making excuses about why I can't exercise and it's silly. Your willpower is inspiring!

  13. Definatly celebration worthy! That is extreme dedication and you have earned every good thing!

  14. That is awesome!! My longest streak is 14 months straight.

  15. You guys are so awesome! I rarely ever miss scheduled workouts either. Most of the time when I have it's because I've been really sick, like vomiting or a fever when I had the flu. I will sometimes take a day off and rest if I have a bad cold, and occasionally if my kids have been sick or something is going on I miss them, but it's hardly ever. I have learned that we can't make excuses and just have to do it. I have exercised late at night after the kids are in bed when there was no other time during the day.

  16. Wow that is so awesome!!! I wanna workout with you guys!!!


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