Friday, July 3, 2020

What I'm Scrolling This Week #27

Happy Friday peeps.  We had a health scare with the MIL that thankfully turned out to be nothing in the scheme of things but left me adrenalized.  I suppose if the Mr ever wondered if me saying I love his mom after a rough 15 year start was lip service, he learned that day. 

It's not been a good week for uplifting reads and the more I read, the more depressed I got.   The crap I was reading wasn't of any unicorns sledding on rainbows quality so I wasn't going to share any of it.  Instead, you can see what I've been scrolling on Instagram to make me laugh.  I've been trying to get my doom and gloom out first thing and then follow it up with meme scrolls to try to stop me from crying or smacking some folks.    (Set up Friday link style)


Almost every night (and yes, that's Marnie and Kal from Halloweentown)

I won't even go over there.  It's not for my generation and his face is accurate.

She's absolutely correct

...or my husband

I cried so hard copying the link I couldn't even look at it because truth

They assume fat people do this anyway, I'll prove the stereotype right

It's 2020...anything is possible

I would so do that if I had that costume

Guilty!  The Mr knows

Rumour has it


Keep the change, ya filthy animal

We're grilling and chilling this weekend, that umbrella is staying up and the outdoor fan will be ON if we decide to eat outside.  Of course, it's going to be hell fire hot for the next 10 days so I'll be in a tank top with my back fat baguettes seeping out the armholes if I don't ignite first.

Any plans?

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  1. Grilling out sounds perfect to me. Those links are hilarious and I like your strategy of looking at those after reading the news. The news is a friggin cesspool lately... well okay it really always has been. Just be glad 2020 is over half over now!

  2. Happy Friday!
    I stopped reading or listening to the news in January. I do look up things I'm wondering about. My kids are here, they've been locked in for months so I feel safe having them here. Pool, grilling and cards all weekend.
    Happy 4th

  3. I have to work so I'll be sleeping for part of the afternoon. We will grill out hamburgers and the hubs wants chips, and I'm going to have some green beans. Simple grocery shopping tomorrow and laying low inside the house. I had pest control yesterday to get rid of all the wasps nests that were way up high as well as doing the whole yard and around the house for ants, fleas, ticks, and any more wasps they could find. Then they came in to spray under the windows, checked for any entryways for mice (found none except one in the garage which they fixed), and they cleaned out the cobwebs in the garage and on the front porch and around the windows. Plant based solutions, and it was wonderful to have no chemical smell. Dogs are happy to be inside with the a/c, but my girl still loves to lay in the sunshine. LOL With the new windows it doesn't get nearly as hot so she stretches out with a happy grin on her face. Our boy will be wearing his Thunder Shirt tonight for any fireworks that people light off (all festivities are canceled around town). We had a couple last night and I put that shirt on him and he was able to sleep.
    Have a fantastic 4th of July and enjoy some patio time! xoxo


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