Friday, July 17, 2020

What I'm Reading This Week #29

Happy Friday.  I feel no need to put an exclamation point after it because you know, Friday isn't what it used to be.  😑  I got in a few movies this week.  The F**k It List on Netflix because you know, look around.  It was decent.  Typical teen movie where parents are stupid, suck and don't understand their kids.  What else?  The Long Dumb Road indie film was okay.  Better than most we've seen.  (That might've been the week before though but whose counting?)   Always Be My Maybe which I've been meaning to watch and it was good especially if there's any Keanu Reeves is my boyfriend kind of peeps out there and make sure to watch the credits, and not click on what Netflix tries to spoon feed you next.  We watched Blow Out with John Travolta from 1981 on Amazon Prime and OMG, it was so, so bad.  The Mr still can't get over the ending but I saw it coming to a degree.  Two days later, he's like "I STILL can't believe he did that!!!"  Memorable, I guess!

We had a few less gross days early in the week but man it didn't take long to be right back to full baste.  66 days until Fall.  (Remember when I posted 92 days until Fall?)

Now let's fall into...

This Dentist's Face Mask Hack Is a Must For Anyone Who Can't Get a Tight Fit   (I'm sure you've seen this already but in case you didn't)

You Might Be Guilty of Quarantine Phubbing if You’re Reading This on Your Phone Right Now   (We're both guilty.)

What To Do When You Discover You Fundamentally Disagree With People in Your Life   (Some good tips.  Pretty sure I'm going to be needing this soon.)

The 7 Hardest No-Equipment Exercises, Ranked   (That piston squat would leave me hospitalized.)

4 Ways To Soothe Sore Muscles & Stiff Joints After All That Sitting  (Lord knows we all probably need it.)

Can Stress Cause Diarrhea? And How To Manage The Symptoms  (In this house, we call them "stress trots."  Ahh, the good ol' days of our early travel where we would load up on Pepto so we weren't faced with wrecking a plane toilet and the conundrum of the aftermath because airplane toilets.  I've said too much.)

7 Strategies for Resuming a Good Habit After a Slip  (For the banana peels of life)

Plant-Based Crab Cakes and Fish Burgers Are Coming Soon to a Freezer Section Near You   (*gives side eye*  But I'll still try them if for no other reason than to bash them with authori-tah)

What Are the Symptoms of Having a Weak Pelvic Floor? We Asked 4 Experts to Explain   (I need to get on the ball with the pelvic floor PT class I bought.  Just an FYI- peeing when you sneeze isn't a fact of life getting older.  My gynie and I had a loooong talk about that before she took a teaching job and she said that's the #1 thing she wished women knew they didn't have to suffer with.)

Why Apathy May Be A Better Indicator Of Dementia Risk Than Depression  (Good article because every bit of info helps.)

17 Styling Tricks That Will Make Your Living Room Feel Way Bigger Than It Is   (Definitely doing a few of those now but some would never work in here like "floating" our furniture.)

Enchanting fairy tale homes that’ll put you under a spell  (OMG, I want to move.  NOW.)

Just take the 2:46 seconds to not think about a friggin' thing to do with the pandemic,politics and all of the other crap to relax

We're approaching public health meltdown levels so I'm going to say if there are any specialty restaurants we might want take out from, we should get it this weekend.  Maybe for the last time, who knows anymore.  I should probably get that rack of ribs out of the freezer at some point from the first great meat shortage that never happened.  We need the room.

Any plans for your weekend?

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  1. That is a good idea to get potential last meals from the specialty places. It is too unpredictable at this point what restaurants will survive this, especially if we have to lock down again. I have no other plans. I am just looking forward to sleeping in a little tomorrow.

  2. I have an outdoor going away party. Not great timing, they are moving to Florida.
    Otherwise gardening and pool time.

  3. I have to grocery shop for work today, grocery shop for home tomorrow, get laundry done today, and work on a few house things. Working and sleeping very little. LOL


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