Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Hump Day Poll: Soothing the Savage Beast

When I was kid, when my grandma (dad's mom) would babysit me, if we were in her car, it was always tuned to the classical station.  We wouldn't really talk, we'd just sit there listening to the soothing music.  I never complained because I loved it.  Funnily enough, one of my teachers in broadcasting was one of the DJ's from that station and it was so funny to hear him put on his "classical" voice and I was like "you put me to sleep every night!" and he was like "thanks!?"  😂

In high school, I took music appreciation class and loved learning all of the different symphonies and watching Amadeus.  My favorite are the classics like Bach (Air on G was in our wedding as we had a symphonic trio for the ceremony), Mozart, Haydn, Handel, Brahms, Vivaldi and such.  All of the calming symphonies automatically soothe this savage beast and I'm thankful my grandma exposed me to that kind of music at such a young age.

Do you like classical music?

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  1. Omg music appreciation, brings back some memories. Our prof was tough. You had to get the name, movement, composer name AND spelling correct. Listen to the tapes day and night and barely got a c. Only thing I remember is Eine Kleine Nachtmuzik and I hear it all the time!
    I did not develop an appreciation for classical music lol.

  2. I've always enjoyed classical music, which I inherited from my mom. I remember when I was young and her telling me about the spectrum of emotions the music could conjure without one word spoken. I have it on in my car often. I bought some cd's for when I'd take my client to appts and to just drive around. The music was incredibly soothing for him because it helped to unclutter his mind, as he has dementia. He'd want to keep driving places so we could keep listening to the music and he'd pat my arm every time and say thank you. Those have been the only times I've seen real relaxation and contentment in him.

  3. I enjoy classical music but I was actually not exposed to it much from family as a kid so I'm not sure how I heard it other than Looney Tunes. I did take music appreciation class as well and learned to respect it more at that point but I do think Looney Tunes was good for this kid!

  4. Yup! Played violin in school all the way from elementary (3rd grade) through college - and some community stuff throughout. Gave it up as arthritis made it painful. Married a classically trained pianist who ended up a software architect. But we still love the classics


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