Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Hump Day Poll: Young Literary Faves

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When I was wee little, my favorite books were Home for a Bunny, The Ghost of Windy Hill and this collection of Disney books of the Aristocats, Pinocchio, and The Three Little Pigs.   (Or Pee-ags as I would say at 2 years old.)   When my friend had her baby last year, we made sure she had Home for a Bunny and the Mr's favorite book and she loved that they were our childhood faves to pass on to her son.

What were your favorite books as a tot that were read to you?

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  1. Pokey Little Puppy by far is my favorite book as a tot.

  2. Pokey Little Puppy was one of mine too. Plus my all-time favorite is the Walt Disney StoryLand book from the 70's, which has 55 of Disney's stories. I'm looking at mine right now and that is by far the best Disney book with numerous stories that you don't ever seen printed. My 2nd grade teacher would read us Paddington Bear too which I always enjoyed.


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