Wednesday, July 1, 2020

New Month Hump Day Poll

We're going into a new month.  (Am I the only one that cringes at the thought now?) 

That wasn't the question for today though...

What do you think things are going to look like for you a month from now when we're going into August?

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  1. August is a crucial point in time for me personally. I will have to decide if going to a doctor appointment is worth it for one thing. But also my work is looking at getting everyone back on site at some point there too. Kind of wish they'd just allow telework indefinitely though. They have a month to come to their senses, but do they have any sense is the real question.

  2. I wonder what this month is going to bring. So far my immediate area has been super lucky. My county has a little over 15,000 people and only 22 cases to date but statewide numbers are climbing again.

    We are supposed to go back to school in August, I report the 10th and the kids a week later. I have no idea what that is going to look like. I've seen so much "information" online, but don't feel very informed. One of the local school districts (not mine) has released a plan that sounds pretty solid and doable to me, one of the other districts is working on a hybrid plan (some in person learning, some online). My district administration has told us to keep checking our email and that we will have "stuff" this summer related to reopening, but no official word yet. I do know that whatever plan they come up with is going to increase my workload, possible double it if I have to plan, teach, and grade both online and in person. I get that we need to keep everyone as safe as possible, and schools are going to get push back no matter what and that any complaints I make are going to be met with "but you a teacher, your priority should be keeping the kids safe"... but dangit I'm allowed to be stressed & upset about the increased workload and how I'm going to manage it all and take care of my own son and my mental health.

  3. I heard Bill Paxton mentioned in a commercial for James Cameron podcast

  4. In my neighborhood, people working from home, who were supposed to go back to offices/businesses in July, have now been pushed back to October. We honestly think in October they will be pushed back until spring.

    My college kid went back to her university town in May, living off campus which we think is/will be safer. She is working at her engineering coop this summer and taking online summer classes. The coop firm never closed, temp checks every morning for every single person, everyone is distanced, all in masks, they use zoom within the building to keep people separated. So she does feel safe. They learned how to do everything in a March and April. So by the time she got there in May, they had it together. There is a definite learning curve.

    She is our third, in last year of five year chemical engineering/coop program, the other two did undergrad and masters, two of them everything was out of state, so we are a very very experienced college family.

    I encourage anyone sending kids back to college this year to start collecting stuff/packing now. It is hard this year. Do not wait to think about masks and hand sanitizer and shampoo because it all takes longer than you think. Things like blackout curtains and XLtwin mattress pads are already hard to get.

    Everything is harder and takes longer.

  5. I think cases will go up here now that restaurants are beginning to open indoor seating again. I just went past a restaurant with outdoor seating and shook my head at how close everything was. All summer events have been cancelled here such as fairs, fireworks, festivals, and parades, but some pools are opening with restrictions, so we'll see how that goes. I'll continue to do what I've been doing and that is not going to restaurants or visiting with friends/family at this point. I'll be wearing a mask for who knows how long due to having three high-risk factors. As odd as this sounds, my biggest concern is going through the whole toilet paper shortage again because of having to shop for work and the excesses they have. I so don't want to go through another hoarding fiasco at stores.


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