Friday, July 10, 2020

What I'm Reading This Week #28

Hot diggity dog, it's Friday!  It's also the last day the Mr had better EVER have to study for a certification for work again.  It's been hot as a mutha over here and we've been spending time in the A/C because the option is melting.  Thankfully, we did pick up some bomb pops to cool us down here and there and make us feel like kids again sans the drippy mess running down our arms.  

Now let's run down...

Finding the Balance between Rosy and Ominous Predictions  (Nice way to look at things.)

2020 Is Making Us Old Before Our Time  (Hell yes it is.)

This Is the Least Amount of Exercise You Need to Live Longer  (Good news!)

Overindulging in quarantine? Hit the reset button with these 5 tips  (Does that lemon water really work for anyone?  I've tried it before and saw zero difference.)

10 Ways Mentally Strong People Handle a Pandemic  (I don't see blow up in public, end up on YouTube and lose everything on here.)

It’s Never Too Late to Start Living a Healthier Life, Research Suggests   (Something to think about.)

How to clear out Google Drive and free up space for new files  (Had to deal with this when switching to a better camera (aka phone.))

This Is What Happens to Your Brain When You Declutter Your Home  (This sounds quite lovely...maybe I'll do it someday.)

Jellyfish Succulents are the Whimsical Addition Your Garden Needs  (How adorable!)

Dixie on Maine Cabin Masters podcast  (Love me some Dixie!)

15 details that fans might have missed in the 1993 movie 'Jurassic Park'   (Dang people have a lot of time on their...oh wait.)

What do we say?  (That's right, Watson.)

These Perfectly Timed Nature Photos Will Make You Laugh Out Loud   (Love 'em!)

The Mr is taking his test tomorrow via remote proctor, so if you could send out a good vibe or two, that would be awesome.  We're both looking forward to be out from under the cloud of this constant study, practice test and real test that has been our life the past year.  (Obviously, him more than me since he's the one actually taking it.)  As long as all goes well, he should only have to do continuing credits and I'm going to be ticked if they want him to work on any other certs within the next year. 

Other than that, zero plans for the weekend since we're spiking like a volleyball over here.

Anything on your plate this weekend?

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  1. Thanks for the support. I do agree this had better be the last certification I have to go after. I should be able to maintain them without taking tests from this point on and that is a welcome feeling after taking a total of 3 in the past year. Freedom is in sight!

  2. Best wishes to the Mr -- prayers said! No plans this way either. Grocery shopping, laundry, house stuff and going to work. That's pretty much my weekends going forward now. Not terribly exciting. lol


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