Monday, July 13, 2020

The People in Your Neighborhood Weekend Recap

Yawn...hello Monday, you saucy wench. 

Friday started out with our teas arriving and I was more excited than I probably should've been. 

Harney and Sons makes me feel fancy pants.  I got the Mr the Paris blend, I got the New England Breakfast tea which is English breakfast with maple (so yum!) and they sent two samples.   If you sign up for their email, they'll give you $5 off.  Not sponsored, I just love them and their silky sachets.  In these times, treat yo'self.

I am happy to report that the Mr passed his certification test.  The night before, I put some overnight oats in the fridge and set out a banana and some herbal tea so the caffeine wouldn't make him jittery so he could enjoy a relaxed breakfast before his test.  The past two tests he's taken in person have had parking issues or something like that where he was rushed and frantic going in so we thought given this was a remote test he was scot free.  Of course, then he goes to check in for his remote proxy and there's all kinds of issues so out the window goes the relaxation.   I hope that's the end of it for him and nothing but continuing education credits from here on out because it's a disruption to normal life with the constant studying.   That's been most of our life together for 20 years but like Murtaugh...

When he was done, we grabbed some takeout from a favorite burger joint and ate lunch in the car.  Then we went on a drive in the country on the opposite side of town and find we really require them.  It's just nice to get away from traffic and stuff because as the memes say, it's too peopley out there.

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When we got home, we did a Bill Paxton early career double feature of Mortuary and Brain Dead.  Both were awful but at least Mortuary was comical and we couldn't stop laughing at him because he was so Bill.  Brain Dead will leave you feeling that way so be forewarned...not that you would watch it anyway but still. 

Sunday, I thought "oh, it's 72 degrees, we should walk the hood."  We got dressed and out by like 10:30 am and my God the humidity was a wall.  It was my mistake.  I read 72 with the mind of it being like Spring or Fall 72, not Summer 72 which is a guaranteed stagnant air sweat fest.  We were on the third mile when we stopped to talk to the Bassett hound's mom while she was doing her lawn.  (10' away)  Apparently, she has a major problem with this other neighbor who we've seen walking her dog but seems a bit like an indifferent person that keeps to herself.  Getting a hi out of her is like pulling teeth so sometimes we say hi, and sometimes we know she ain't having it.  Well, this woman is talking about how nasty she is and how the lady told her to "stop mowing and watering her f**king lawn."   Now they hiss at each other and throw insults when she walks by 3x a day.  Then she began talking in circles and repeating herself as I'm sweating like I'm in a sauna.  I kept trying to redirect and say that she's just miserable, that's about her and let her pass by and then enjoy.  She said it was her mission to let as many people know about her as possible.  All I could think was "this is telling me more about you than her" and we were just hoping the lady she was talking about didn't round the corner so she couldn't say "I told them about you and how miserable you are" and then she would look at us like a-holes.  Don't we have more to worry about right now? 

We come back and the Mr is all like "we should dig out the neighbors patch of grass and put down the mulch since it's cooler."  Perhaps you could've mentioned that before walking 3 miles?  So we sweat outside for an hour doing that after getting her permission and I'm ready to collapse.  We grabbed our grocery pickup of which 2/3 of it was not filled then ate lunch and I started my SECOND order from another location to hopefully get what the first one didn't have.  We went to pick that up later and did our 5-6 week Trader Joe run the last hour they're open and felt like we'd been run ragged. 

Not a thrilling weekend but a weekend nonetheless and feels like we need one more day.

How was yours?

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  1. I am so relieved to be done with that test and I want to thank everyone for the support and well wishes. This past year has been nothing but studying for various tests and I cannot describe the feeling I have knowing that I no longer have to study for something. Have a great week everyone!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS to the Mr. on passing his test!! This is a huge milestone of you and I hope you celebrated well! No more tests like this again...ever! Wahoo!! Glad you got your teas in the mail and could dive into that yummy goodness.

    Weekend was good. Just did the usual stuff and went to work. Sunday was actually a really nice weather day with a good breeze and low humidity which made all the difference. Dogs were able to go for an enjoyable ride with the hubs because of it. Humidity ratchets back up this week starting tomorrow. And man, I'm sure you've noticed on your walks in the neighborhood just how bright that sun is! I know people say sun is sun, but on a clear day, it's almost painfully bright. And hot. Very, very hot. lol


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