Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Hump Day Poll: Whatchu Bringin'?

Cookout season is creeping up on us soon and if you're lucky, you'll get to enjoy it with others.  You're asked to bring a side dish...what do you bring?

(I bring either my cheeseball or a dessert, like chocolate chip sea salt cookies or banana cream pie.)

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  1. Hiya!
    Slow start for me this week!
    Just a few work meetings so I was productive. Today will be back to back all morning, ugh.
    Have a great week!

  2. Those au-gratin potatoes you made for Easter would actually be a perfect side dish for a good cookout. Assuming I could follow the recipe I will bring that!

  3. I make a stuffed garlic mozzarella bread loaf that gets cooked on the grill, so I'd bring that to heat right before we settled down to chow.

  4. I'm not much of a cook, so I'll bring chips and salsa. Or I'll buy the meat and let the host cook it.

  5. Loaded Baked Potato Salad!!! So yummy and it has bacon!

  6. I don't have a usual side dish I bring. Right now I have half a head of cabbage in the fridge I need to use so probably some sort of asian inspired slaw, with shredded carrots, ginger, rice vinegar, and maybe some toasted sunflower seeds if the package I have in the pantry is still fresh. Based on previous suggestions I think I'd enjoy this cookout!

  7. A broccoli salad with sunflower seeds and dried cranberries. I love it, but so many people making/buying a heavy dressing and then overdressing the salad I will often pass on it or only have a very small amount. If I bring it I get to eat something I love and I can control the contents and quantity of the dressing. Otherwise I will bring coleslaw with a homemade dressing. If you can't tell, I like cookout sides with crunch :)


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