Monday, April 20, 2020

Actual Productivity! Weekend Recap

Happy 4/20!  Smoke 'em if you got 'em or watch a Jay and Silent Bob or Seth Rogen movie to get the idea.

So many people I've talked to and articles I've read have talked about how they've been ridiculously unproductive with all of this spare time.  Doctors and psychologists say it's because of your brain shutting down parts for survival purposes.  Whatever it is, it totally blocked me the past few weeks since the dudes left the house.  I've had little projects here and there that still needed to be completed and there was no motivation to do them.

One of them was our coat rack.  We ordered a beam skin and some rustic looking hooks but the wood is ridiculously hard and the screws with the hooks, ridiculously cheap.  I checked with the dude I bought them from to see what the size of the screws were because two of them stripped and one broke off in the wood.  I was just going to buy some myself with the size he gave me but he was kind enough to send me better screws that thankfully, did the trick!

You have no idea how nice it is to have a coat rack again instead of laying crap around the house over banisters, chairs, etc.

We also got a valance hung in the kitchen and fixed an issue that the kitchen dudes left behind.  It was the last day of the reno when the shelter in place was going to go into effect and they did grouting and mortaring.  Well, they didn't grout the space at the top of the outlet thinking the outlet cover would hide the lack of grout.  It didn't. 

Guess what we had already thrown away?  Guess what we had to pay $60 for 2 tablespoons worth of product?  😡

I cut a piece of trim and spooned it into the gap and let it harden a bit.

I put the outlet cover back on and you'd never know.  Note to all y'all, never let the contractors leave until you've gone over it with a fine tooth comb.  I found a few other spots of white in the grout that were driving me nuts and I fixed those.  I'm keeping the grout until it hardens into a plant pot because I'm sure I'll find other things between now and then. 

Side note:

Anyone else tempted to grab their spouse's butt when they are doing something important?  Just me?

Movin' on.

But it does feel good to have those things out of the way because that along with the wall being painted were all thorns in our side.  We got used to walking around plastic wrap covered paint trays and paint poles on the landings at the top and bottom of the stairs.  Not a fun way to live but now they're behind us and we can not have those things mocking us. 

We rented Jumanji 2.  What a stinker.  We loved the first one but man, the follow up was not good.  I half paid attention and half went through pictures in old folders on the hard drive.  I found our next project which we both knew was coming.  We've got these horrible carpeted stairs that are impossible to get clean because they're 24 years old and have a lot of traffic going up and down them day and night.  We know we can't do anything about the second-floor carpet just yet but those stairs are getting tackled, painted and stained.  I found a picture I saved from a listing of someone doing just that to the stairs and it's basically what we'll be doing.

They'll be more American walnut and less shiny (likely matte) polyurethane but that gives you an idea of what our end game should look like.  It was a project I used to say and watch the Mr sweat but he seems to think it's time and is on board.  The only wrench is the 4th step from the top is kind of wonky where a friend body surfed down them by accident 15 years ago so I'm hoping we can find a solution for that on our own.  I'm hoping if I jam a painted shim in there, it will take care of it but who knows.  That would basically completely finish our first floor.  Now I'll just have to see when he wants to start.  :-)

We also watched Bindi Irwin's wedding and I bawled like she was my own daughter. 

Sunday we lazed around in bed scrolling and falling in and out of consciousness because what else was there to do now?  (Other than rip the carpet off the stairs but yeah.)   We ordered breakfast because we were in the mood for chocolate chip pancakes *pokes my doughy center* and knew it would hold us basically all day.  Too bad it was cold and gross because apparently, 15 other people had the same idea.  After that was done, we had a pickup order at Target across town then I wanted to walk the cemetery where four of my relatives were buried instead of rounding the hood for the night's walk.  Once of my favorite parts is always looking at the elaborate headstones some people choose from different times.

Spring is definitely in full effect and I feel like us all being forced to slow down is allowing us to actually see it this year.

My grandpa let us know within a few minutes he was happy we came by putting his favorite song on the radio.  I've had a lot of relatives let us know they're still with us which has been a big comfort. 

We came home and I grilled out some burgers and we wound down the evening.

What did you get into this weekend?

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  1. I am so glad we got those extra projects all done. Between that and finishing the painting we can honestly say we accomplished things during all this. Have a great week everybody!

  2. Wow, sounds like you are in the groove, well done! I was on fire this weekend. I repainted our garage door. Its black amd was pretty faded from the sun. Then I got out the spray paint and added a coat to my mailbox and my outdoor firepit. Got the grill all cleaned up inside and out including the burner tubes. I used jb weld to fix my windmill fins. I grocery shopped and felt much calmer than last time. I finally learned how to breathe well in my mask. Finished off the weekend with a nice bubble bath and then a zoom call with my siblings.
    Its amazing if you are stuck at home all the tasks available to be done. I got a few phone calls in to some old friends, it warmed my heart.
    Have a fabulous week!

  3. So happy to hear you got a lot accomplished! And the coat rack looks fantastic! My weekend was very good. The hubs had Saturday off for a change, so it was nice to have him home. He walked the dogs while I did laundry, cleaned, paid bills, made a recipe, and organized a bunch of stuff that had piled up. Then we cut the lawn in the afternoon and that felt great. Sunday was more of the same with washing all the blankets and house stuff. Never did get my nap it like I had hoped and slept terribly last night even though I was so tired. Brought in the stool sample for my pooch this morning and will hear back tomorrow or the next day. Now I have therapy and will get the dogs out since it's going to be a lovely 61 degrees with sunshine until later when rain is expected.
    Have an excellent week!!

  4. I'm impressed with how productive you have been. I started off this social distancing very well, getting a lot of my spring cleaning accomplished, but I have slowly faded out. I'm doing less and watching more TV. I couldn't tell you what I did on Saturday except for my regular hour of yoga and about two hours of work, as it needed to be done for Monday morning.

    Sunday was a bit better. I did another hour of yoga and later that afternoon my partner and I went to visit his son, who we normally have 50% of the time, but since my partner is still working and his employer is considered an essential service we have decided to leave him with his mother, who has been laid off. We maintained the 6' social distance by playing road hockey with him for about an hour. Once we got back home we took the neighbour's dog for a walk and picked up our mail at the post office that had accumulated for the last two weeks.


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