Friday, April 24, 2020

What I'm Reading This Week #17

Happy Day!  (Why bother saying Friday, Tuesday, etc anymore.)

It's been a week, I'm sure we're all about there and not much more needs to be said about that. 

So let's just cannonball into...

30 Reasons Walking Is the Best Exercise   (It's what we've been relying on lately)

The 30 Easiest Organizing Tasks Ever  (Good, small but effective projects for when you want to say you did something but not too much.)

The Five Challenges of Staying at Home  (Only five?)

CoVid auto insurance refunds: Here's what you need to know   (Is your insurance company on the list?)

35 garage hacks that are borderline genius   (Wylie E. Coyote....suuuuuper genius.  Sorry...losing my mind.)

What Can a Buddhist Monk Teach Us About Panic and the Brain?  (I don't know...let's find out!)

Wit’s End: Stuck at Home? There’s a Meme for That  (But of course!)

What Does the Saying “Close, but No Cigar” Really Mean?   (The more you know...)

The Healing Power of Gene Kelly  (I can attest)

How Toto’s “Africa” Became the New “Don’t Stop Believin’”  (Pretty sure you can thank (or blame) Kristen and Dax)

20+ Pets That Are Just Tired of Being Good Boys and Girls  (Alternate title was likely "90% of cats are a-holes...but not yours, of course.")

It's supposed to be rainy all weekend so the patio project I hoped to do is a no go.  We've got a long way to go and a short time to get there...wait, that was Cannonball Run.  And that ladies and gents is called mental tap out.


Do you have plans for the weekend? 

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  1. Happy Friday everybody! I have managed to avoid having to show my mug on any video conferences up to this point. But my boss is now insisting that we do Skype with the webcam on for a review today so it was time to shave the Corona beard and look less like Grizzly Adams for a change. Gotta admit it did feel good to trim all that off my face. Not sure how guys who go full ZZ Top can stand it!

  2. I'm not quite sure how I'll coordinate the weekend since I'll be working overnights, but I do know that somehow I'll get the laundry, shopping, and lawn cutting done, although the rain may postpone the lawn part. Hubs' hours are dropping a lot, so he's been sent home early without pay and now does not have to work tomorrow, so he'll be able to help with the pooches and chores. Have a great weekend, despite the rain!

  3. Happy Friday!
    I will be tackling my basement this weekend. When I had my floors refinished I put everything in there during the project and only brought back up what "sparked joy" for me. The resulted in a very minimalist style there, but a raging hoardfest in the basement 😂😂. Enjoy your weekend!


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