Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Hump Day Poll: Sleepy Time

Happy April!

Here's a fill in the blank poll for ya this week.

I sleep with _________.

1.  A Fan/White Noise Machine On

2.  Music On

3.  A Nightlight On

4.  The TV On

5.  Complete Silence

(For me, loud air purifier.)

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  1. #1 for me and thankfully the noise is on my phone so it can travel with me. Can't sleep well without it now.

  2. Air filter
    White noise

    If it is a bad night, a quiet audible book playing on my earbuds, British accents in particular put me right out

    If it is a really bad night, my bedside light on

  3. Depending on the day I use the following:

    Pink Noise (sounds more like rain to me instead of white noise)

    A-Stim machine if it's been a stressful day and my mind won't shut off

    Complete silence occasionally if I'm super tired and zonk out fast

    Must have complete darkness along with my eye mask

  4. The sounds of my partner sleeping next to me. Except for him, it is silence.


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