Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Top o' the Tuesday to You

Yesterday was a balance of stuff I wanted to do and stuff I had to do.  I finished off season two of Big Little Lies and I guess that's going to be it for that show.  I had to fast forward through some of Meryl Streep's scenes because her character absolutely infuriated me and I have no wick left to light.  I suppose that speaks to how good of an actress she is.  But I also hate when shows end with a "gee, I wonder how all of that worked out for them" kind of thing too.  I know life isn't tied up in a pretty little bow but I would like my escape shows to be, thank you.  I made the Mr and I some pasta for lunch with this weird pasta his mom gave us for Christmas and figured now would be a good time to use it up.  I sliced up some focaccia I bought in a bread hoard 3 weeks ago so now we only have a slice left which is fine because fully intact, it took up a lot of room in the fridge.

After that, I had some bananas that were on the verge of needing pitched so I made butterscotch banana bread with an open bag of chips I had from the holidays.

Banana bread can be such a good dumping ground for those things,  It kind of reminds me when the Mr had Hawaiian chef Sam Choy cook a dinner for our 10 year anniversary.  He had his wife bake her famous banana bread and he brought a pint of this Haagen Daaz they had at the time called Macadamia Nut Brittle.  He warmed up her bread and put a slice on a plate, a scoop of ice cream on top and drizzled it with caramel sauce.  OMG, it was the best thing I'd ever eaten in my life.  I remember having it for breakfast the next morning and was just as heavenly.  I suppose I'm going to start getting very itchy for vacation memories soon since we're not getting ours this year.  This is the first anniversary we haven't been vacationing somewhere and it bites because we're fighting to keep the $1500 the guy is trying to screw us out of.  We've talked to our credit card company and we have to wait two weeks before they move on anything on that front.  Thankfully, the lady in Cape Cod was very nice (well. mostly except for the day she had a meltdown but I'm not holding it against her.)  Still waiting for that refund as well but VRBO is backed up for weeks on it.  It's a clusterf**k.  Just so you know, travel insurance won't cover pandemics so even that won't save your vacation.  You can bet after this is over in a year or two that they STILL won't cover them.  They'd go out of business.


After the banana bread was done, I started painting the wall.   The Mr was kind enough to use the edger I got last week to edge the tall wall (affiliate link) going up the stairs because I'd never do it if it was left up to me.  Then the wall I slapped paint on a week ago to "force" myself was mocking me and I figured I should just get it done, which I did.  It does feel good to finally have that over with.  Somewhere in there, the bottom of my yoga pants dragged through the paint which was fun to clean off both me and the laminate floor.  Pfft.  Always something irritating when painting is involved.

We went down and did Turbo Fire Sculpt 30 then took the recycling over and put the trash out.  You ever open your trash can and almost barf?  That was fun.  We caught up on 9-1-1 and that about took care of that.

How'd your week kick off?

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  1. Aside from some more touch up I have to do that wall is finally going to be done and that is a great thing. But yes it is irritating. I am not fond of painting but I suspect it is just as much, if not more, of a hassle to hire someone to do it too. Happy Tuesday!

  2. The day was fine, the evening was nice as I got to watch a 2-hour biography on Dolly Parton on A&E, which was fantastic. She did a lot of the interview part, so it was deeply informative. Then at 1:05am I had to take one of my dogs to the emergency vet because he'd been struggling all day to potty and kept wanting to go out every hour. Turns out he has a GI infection and some bacteria thing that's causing diarrhea and straining when nothing is left. So he's not on 5 medications, 2 of which are syringes, which he tolerated very well this morning. I got home with him just as the hubs was getting up for work and he was very confused as to why I was boiling ground beef and cooking white rice at 3am. LOL I have to call the vet to see if our other dog needs to be tested because it's highly contagious apparently. So I've had an hour and a half of sleep and will be going in to work shortly. The hubs texted and said he's taking a half day to watch over the dogs and will be home by late morning, so I'll feel much better about that, knowing he'll be able to go out when he needs to. Although he's not a happy boy having to be on a leash for the time being... =o)

  3. The start of my week was underwhelming. It was raining, cold, and very damp feeling all day. I only left the house once, to take out the garbage and the compost. I didn't accomplish much. Very little motivation yesterday. But I did manage to find some time to treat myself to a long hot bath though. That felt wonderful and since there are sunny days ahead in the forecast I think the remainder of the week will be an improvement on Monday.

  4. More of the same, except colder. There's the headline for yesterday. I only went outside once, to get the mail and newspaper. Last week I at least made it out for a walk most days. Today is cold again, but tomorrow is supposed to warm up a little bit so hopefully I can get out a bit then. Otherwise it's working from home and trying so hard (and failing) to get a working schedule going.


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