Friday, April 17, 2020

End of Week Round Up and What I'm Reading This Week #16

FYI- Facebook pages is being a jerk and it's not resolving.  Not sure how long I'll be unable to post over there for anyone who might use that to click through.  Just swing over here until you (hopefully) see me pop back up in your FB feeds.  

The Mr and I agree that the weeks are flying by which is weird because our weeks really aren't much different than our non-lockdown weeks so not sure what's up with that.  By the way, y'all had some good side dishes for the hump day poll!  Now I'm ready for a cookout for sure!

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Thursday we saw the ant infestation is a month early...thanks a lot mild winter.   Thankfully, Terro liquid ant baits take care of that pretty quickly.  Actually, we'll probably use the last of them with this so I need to do a reminder to myself in the Fall to pick more up.  I thought I had the problem solved when we saw a few in the basement on some warm days we had in February.  We noticed where the wall met the concrete floor it was separated almost all the way down the length of the wall.  I had some leftover mortar caulk from doing the front step and caulked the whole way but nay...they found their way in anyway.  Asshats.

Yesterday I got my 80th pandemic buy...this Aerogarden.  I got it for 20% off but of course, everyone had that idea so it took two weeks to get here.  I've always been interested in those anyway but this seemed like a good excuse to bite the bullet especially since I know nurseries are going to be swarmed.  I'll do a review on it as I get my doobage herbs up and running.  I bought a custom salad mix too to use after the herbs are established with romaine and arugula.   Between the herb garden and the morning glories, it looks like an illegal grow house in here.

Now let's look into...

You're not 'too busy' to stay active during quarantine: Health experts worry about blood clots, weight gain   (Get up and get fidgety.  You don't need to end up at the hospital for other reasons during all of this.)

Not Inspired to Work Out at Home During the Coronavirus? Here's What Finally Helped Me   (I plan around the weather.  Sunny days- 3 mile walks, crappy days- weights or ropes.)

Here's why you're tired after a day of doing nothing in lockdown  (I feel like a damn sloth!)

All You Wanted To Know About Those Tax Stimulus Checks But Were Afraid To Ask  (According to Forbes, you will not have to pay them back next tax season and other questions answered.)

Is Winning the HGTV Dream Home Actually a Nightmare?  (About what I figured which is why I never enter.)

You Can Now Read 82 Vintage Cookbooks Online for Free   (Get cookin'!)

Missing an Ingredient? Here Are Substitutions You Can Use Instead  (Just in time!)

10 Little Ways to Spruce Up Your Home—Without Leaving Your House or Buying Anything  (Good...I've done enough retail therapy the past month.)

Daydream Over These Photos of Idyllic Cape Cod  (Rude)

The Curse of Playing the Wicked Witch of the West  (Man, I loved her.  I bawled my way through that video toward the bottom of her on the Mr Rogers show.  So sweet.  The link in the article doesn't work anymore, I found one that does so I'd watch it before they yank it.  Your heart needs it right now.)

28 Things Literally Everyone Experienced As A Kid But Never Talks About  (My favorite was "smoking" the bubble gum cigarettes.)

40 Years Ago: The New Wave of British Heavy Metal Breaks in America  (For the Mr.)

The battle rope workout I did the other day really got my delts and shoulders and between that and the TMJ acting up, I've been nursing a pretty wicked headache for 3 days.  We did a quick TJ's run Wednesday and got through in record time.  I picked up two tubs of the coconut butter lotion my friend said she was almost out of.  She's coming over to pick it up from the porch this weekend and when we were talking about what kind of junk food we were eating over lockdown, she mentioned she was hankerin' for Nutella fudge.  It's a microwave fudge so it's easy so I'll make a batch and split it with her and put half of our half in the freezer so I have an excuse to not have it all in the house.  She'll be a happy girl!

Anything planned for the weekend within the long arm of the law?

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  1. As I'm getting ready for work this morning, I'm gazing out my window to solid snow coming down in gigantic flakes. Absolutely beautiful, but did not expect the winter wonderland that is abound. Because the snow is so heavy the weather people are saying to watch out for breaking tree limbs. I have grocery shopping to do today for both work and us and my hope was to cut the lawn tomorrow, but it looks like that will have to wait until Sunday once it dries out again (snow today, 60s on Sunday). I got a heart-crushing message yesterday from my friend whose son was on hospice and had passed away. As she put it, "there is a lot of crying here on earth, but much rejoicing in Heaven." I don't even know if she was able to see him before it happened (lives on state over) and I'm choosing not to ask those kinds of questions right now. Amazing story this man had, and my heart breaks for his wife and boys as well. So I'll be looking for a most-fitting card for my friend when I'm out shopping. Can't even see her to give her a hug right now, and this poor family can't even have a funeral for now.
    I'd like to tackle a couple of bins I have in the office this weekend, so hopefully I'll feel motivated to do than instead of using them as a drop off location. LOL

    Here is a link to an adorable story of a therapy dog delivering "goods" to nurses... just precious!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. Leave it to those Ants to get us while we're down. We will strike back though! The Groundhog day reference is perfect because I feel like this could be March still and I would never know the difference. Limbo is how it feels. Hang in there everybody!


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