Monday, April 6, 2020

Binge watching and Being Social at a Distance

Happy Monday everyone.  I hope you had a productive weekend.

We started our weekend by firing up the Netflix gift card and starting our Ozark marathon.  About halfway through the first episode, I decided I was not invested enough to give a crap about the Byrde's and the stress they bring.  So I began working on my DIY masks.

I took one of my old favorite designs from Crazy shirts and cut out my favorite designs as a little extra protection over the nose and we went on a drive Saturday and took them just in case.

The next morning I got up and saw my shelves I ordered from Wayfair came.  Too bad they sent me the wrong color.  😠  I had some varnish out already so I sanded a little bit off of the front and slapped a bit of stain on the front lip and it looks like it'll take.  I don't have it in me to go through the whole return and wait for it to come again and hope it's the right thing process.  So I'll just put on my big girl panties and sand and stain when the mood hits....sometime in the Fall.

I was getting cabin fever, tired of Ozark and it was a nice day so I suggested a drive in the country.  My friend lives in the country and I texted her but didn't hear anything back.  We decided to drive by just to see if their cars were there (they have a LONG driveway, about 1/4 mile) and saw the dude half mowing the lawn.  There was someone on our butt so we went up the road and flipped around then we drove by again.  This time my friend was by the road so we honked and waved.  She waved us into her driveway and she stood about 10' away and we started what we thought would be a quick chat.  Three hours later!  She obviously needed to talk and about some heavy stuff too so we felt like maybe we were guided there.  But then three hours of our day was gone and I had a Michael's order for curbside ready and by the time we left, they were closed.  We went home and had dinner and finished up Ozark by midnight.  Tom Pelphrey was the ONLY thing that saved that season for me.  I would say do to them what happened in the finale to someone else but man did he bring it.  I remember him from Guiding Light days and always liked him and knew he had it in him to be more than a "soap actor."  Kudos to him and thanks for the bagel eyes from crying.

Sunday was rainy and with the blackout curtains up, that means I slept until 10:30am after a brief 30 minutes up around 7:15am.  We went to Michaels and did our pick up and nothing sounded good to me for lunch.  I chugged some chocolate milk and an organic strawberry bar for brunch so that was holding me pretty good.  I did have some pretty crappy looking bananas I was going to have to do something with or throw away.  So I rummaged the bins downstairs and found "expired" Scharfen Berger chips.  I broke them open and they weren't bloomed and tasted fine to me.  I grabbed some of the vegan butter I had leftover from my friend's fiance's stint as a vegan.   (Nope, they're still not married...had to cancel a third time.  Everyone I tell that to says "um, maybe the universe is giving her a sign to which I smile and think 'glad I'm not the only one thinking that.')  I melted that down and made one of my go to quick banana bread recipes and threw that together.

I felt very drained and blah.  Not that I didn't have plenty to do but no energy to do any of it.  The Mr was antsy to get some things done so I had to haul my ass off of the couch and spackle and paint some crap.  We got some carryout for dinner from the steakhouse up the road since we basically didn't eat all day except for the bar and milk.  We caught up on some YouTube and DVR stuff and that was about it.


What did you do this weekend?

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  1. The weekend is nearly indistinguishable now from any given weekday. Only difference is I don't have to spend 8 hours in training but somehow other junk just fills up the "free time" on the weekend instead. I am glad we watched Ozark but also glad its over with now too. Way too stressful of a show to watch even in normal situations.

  2. Didn't that visit feel awesome? I'm still surprised how fast the weekends go even though I don't go anywhere usually. Thursday night I smelled something electrical and then poof, my tv popped loudly and the picture died. Google calls it the "pop of death" for my tv brand. I moved my 19" tv from the spare room downstairs to get by. In looking at, I was able to order one for pickup on Friday. sounded awesome until Friday morning when I received an email saying it would not be available for pickup until Tuesday. Whiskey, Tango. Foxtrot? My friend told me to just go there to see if they have it. Sure as heck, they had 3 on the shelf! I wore my N95 and gloves and was surprised to see several older folks with no protection! I got out of there quick. The weekend was mostly tv, doggo walks, puzzling, cleaning and some garden prep.
    Have a great week!

  3. Testing from my Fire so we'll see if this works. Typical weekend of house stuff and got some sunshine in. Hugs worked all day so I grocery shopped and did laundry. Was an okay weekend.


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