Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Springing Into Color

This time of year, we're all itching to start digging around in the garden and break out of what some consider a winter lockdown.  By April, I always come to accept that even though Prince sang "Sometimes It Snows In April" that is super rare and not like we'll get to snowshoe.  Obviously, this year is different and after not only coming out of what everyone else is going through but a precariously planned kitchen/living room reno, I needed some life in this space.  I saw that some farmhouse bloggers were raving about Dollar Hydrangea about a month or so ago.  I thought that would be the perfect thing to treat us to pops of spring around the house.

These are typically used for bigger events like a wedding or if you have a huge house to style.  But after the reno, the Mr starting his new job and our new forced togetherness, this counted as a big event in my book.

I chose the Fresh Blue Wholesale Hydrangea for $57 for 25 stems.  This is how they arrive.

You might freak out a little to see them kind of smashed in there.  I know I did when I saw a blogger showing them off and they looked all sad and squished.

What she didn't do is fluff them up!  This is what the above stem looks like when you gently spread the petals apart a little bit.

I was excited and then it was time to fill up mason jars and cups to tuck into vases and baskets and get decorating.

It brought the perfect pop to the mantel.

The pass thru got a nice bit of color.

A couple of vases to take upstairs to the bathroom and the Mr's office.

Even the side of the fridge got some!

It's so nice to be settling in and look up and see a bit of Spring.  I love them so much.

We may not be able to wander the nurseries willy nilly right now but that doesn't mean we can't treat ourselves or send some to someone who is going through self-quarantine alone and needs a pick me up.

What have you done to treat yourself lately?

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  1. This was a great idea and really has brightened up the house, and the mood. I am especially glad to have some on my desk as I am working, so thanks for that too!

  2. Those are so pretty!! Looks great in all the places you put them. I can't use them because they are poisonous to dogs, but I've always enjoyed seeing them displayed.
    I'm treating myself by taking time throughout the day to be truly thankful for all the things that are so easy to downplay during times like this. I got to sleep with the window open the other night and it felt wonderful! There have been gorgeous sunrises to enjoy when I'm up early and stressing out. These very simple things help me to take a deep breath and stay in the moment and be appreciative and thankful for these quiet moments.

  3. I treated myself to a nice long bath in the middle of the day yesterday. With this whole working from home thing and no set schedule, I decided to take advantage of an opening in my work calendar and pampered myself. It felt wonderful. I couldn't remember the last time that I took the time to relax in the bath and just chill without any other distractions. It also helped that I had the house to myself, as my partner is considered an essential worker and he was busy working.


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