Monday, April 13, 2020

Easter Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend and Easter holiday for those who celebrate.

Friday night after griping there was nothing on, I remembered HBO was doing a freebie and I've always wanted to see Barry with Bill Hader.  So we started watching after seeing rave reviews.  I think we were three episodes in and almost ready to throw in the towel because Sally was so damn annoying we didn't care anymore but then it got interesting so we hung in.  We watched both seasons over the weekend and it was pretty good.  We started watching Big Little Lies and I feel about the same and I think the Mr doesn't give a crap if we finish it.  So those were the things we watched. 

Other than these babies...

I'm hoping these morning glories will work out but we're at least off to a good start.

We knew we were going to have crappy weather Sunday so we went to Grandma's grave Saturday and ate her favorite maple eggs with her.

We sat around talked for awhile about bad barfing experiences as children and then busted out laughing and apologized for the topic.  The Mr said she'd probably be shaking her head or getting right in on the conversation.  Oddly, it felt like one of the more normal Easter's we've had.

Sunday, the Mr decided to do some edge painting on the wall that I've been too lazy to paint because I LOATHE trimming.  While he did that I got our Easter linner together.  The Mr and I's Easter plans weren't changed any due to all of this lockdown stuff.  It was just going to be the two of us anyway so I got to work on the bechamel sauce for my scalloped potatoes thanks to the other grocery store having way more in stock than ours does for our Friday pick up.

I had the Mr take a shower since he was a sweaty mess and I made his plate.

It looked like any other traditional Easter plate which was nice because if there's one thing that makes me feel more normal, it's tradition.

I made baby banana cream pies for us as well.

We felt stuffed and decided to go for a 3 miler around the hood before the evening storms rolled in.  The Mr went back to painting a little and I fired up the last of season one of Big Little Lies.  Boy, Nicole Kidman's marriage is a cluster and got quite irritating to watch.  I'll have to decide if I care to watch season two or not.

What did you guys do this weekend?

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  1. I appreciate everything you did to make our Easter still have all our traditional Easter foods and such. It didn't feel like just another weekend stuck inside. Glad we did get out when we could too.

  2. You plate looks great! The weather was pretty good here last weekend. I did outside cleanup, transplanted peonies and errant daffodils. I sharpened my lawnmower blade, so I learned something new. Just Mom and I for Easter so our usual ham,taters and corn. Went grocery shopping, loving the limiting of people inside at a time and the one way aisles. I hope they keep the one way after this. Still trying to use this pause for growth.
    Enjoy your week!

  3. We didn't do anything special for Easter. We got some yard work done, but still have lots more to do. The strong winds this winter did a number on our trees. Lots of broken branches to pick up and lots of pine needles to rake up. We went for some long walks around the neighbourhood with our neighbour's dog. She has some health issues so can't take him far, so we do it for her and it gives us the benefits of having a dog without all of the commitment.

    Food wise I tried making a roast in the Instant Pot yesterday. I think it worked out well, but would shorten the time at high pressure by a minute or two. There didn't seem to be a consensus online as to how long it should be at pressure or how to vent, so I went with 15 minutes with a natural release and the keep warm function on for 30 minutes. That gave me a roast that was medium-well. Due to social distancing measures we have been getting a lot more creative in the kitchen based on food availability when we do our weekly grocery shop at one store only.

  4. I didn't sleep well Friday night, so I got up super early Saturday and then was done with my grocery run by 8am. That never happens so that was nice. I made progress cleaning out my shed on Friday. That's pretty much all my excitement for the weekend. I do have dyed eggs in the fridge-that's a fun tradition that we still do even though the kid is older now. We'll do deviled eggs, egg salad, maybe potato salad, and he'll eat just the boiled eggs.

  5. It was a good weekend. The hubs had to work on Saturday so I mowed the lawn since it's was a nice, sunny day. Got done in one hour and it took ten minutes to sweep up mini apples from the storms during the week. So I was done before noon, which was great. Sunday I made egg salad for lunch and made Easter dinner in the mid afternoon. Then I finished up the laundry and took care of some papers. Today I'll be working to organize things in the kitchen because we have way too much stuff on our limited counter space. So I have a plan and will see how that goes today.


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