Friday, March 6, 2020

What I'm Reading This Week #10

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope the week has been good to you and you're ready for some top-notch mischief this weekend.  I'm thinking you deserve it.  I know we do!  As you've read, it's been a week between new jobs, botched appliance crap and trying to coordinate things for the reno to be done.  I will be so glad when this is done.  Our whole downstairs is in limbo because until the ceiling in here is smoothed out, we can't paint the crown molding area (and know if we need to re-paint the entire room to match sheen), take down the blinds on the slider to put up the new double rod and curtains we've had for a month now or get stuff on the walls that are totally bare.   Nothing is "decorated"... just a bunch of crap on shelves because we have no room to put anywhere else with so many materials for the reno in the dining room and basement.  I'm hoping by the end of the month we're good to go and I didn't just jinx it.  

On the upside, with taking back the appliances/knobs and getting lesser priced ones, we got almost $2000 back that will basically cover the cost of smoothing the ceiling and installing the recessed lights in the living room.  Can't be mad about that.

Now let's return to...

Why You Shouldn’t Exercise to Lose Weight, Explained With 60+ Studies  (After years of breaking my body, it might be time to rethink frequency for me.)

Why Do I Wake Up With a Headache Every Morning?   (The struggle can be real.)

Why Is It So Hard to Receive?  (A must-read, especially these days.)

4 Exercises to Help Reduce Middle-Back Pain, According to a Physical Therapist   (After Shaun T and his damn push-ups, my middle back is toast for days.)

Daylight Saving Time Starts This Weekend—Here's How to Recover From Losing an Hour of Sleep   (Good tips!)

How to Start Seeds Indoors  (Can't wait to attempt my morning glories)

If You're Journaling to Manage Your Anxiety or Depression, These Therapists' Tips Could Help   (Great tips for better mental health.)

Your ultimate guide to what's in season right now  (Love early spring veggie season comin' up!)

65 lovely ways to give old stuff a new lease of life   (Slide #19 is my fave!  Too bad I don't have the counter space for it.  😭)

Have visitors finally overstayed their welcome in Hawaii?  (Courtesy of the Mr.  Just because Hawaii is technically part of the US, they are steeped in culture and are not here for the entertainment of mainlanders.  Be respectful.  We always bring an offering for Pele when on her land and she's always rewarded us.)

Be a Lady They Said (NSFW due to a few images but a very important video especially for men to watch.  This is what women are fed from birth and bombarded with on the daily whether you realize it or not.)

'Criminal Minds' actress Kirsten Vangsness: 'Duran Duran saved my life'  (Fun read.  I had that pic of Simon on my calendar.  Damn, I wish I still had that.)

Celebrity Headshots from Before They Were Famous  (Wow, some I didn't recognize and some are so sweet to see them in their early days.)

I had to actually look at the calendar to see what date it is.  I have no concept of time anymore.  Apparently, we spring forward this weekend.  😢  I think I'm the only person on the planet who hates that.  The later it's lighter, the less "evening" we have and suddenly when you end the day, it's like "welp, time for bed" and I feel like I have no unwind time.  I crack up at how many people have been posting about spring for like 6 weeks like magically when the season is official the flowers will have bloomed, the sun will be shining and bunnies and birds will be scampering about.  Truth bomb- Spring is wind and rain season but at least they'll have more light to look at the 25mph gusts and rain. 😜

I don't think we have any plans and since we'll have stuff involving reno the following two weekends - I say we chill because that might be all we get.  The Mr is still under the weather (though hopefully getting a little better) so that might be all he'll want to do anyway.  A Six Feet Under marathon might be in order.  I need some Fisher family in my life right about now to refocus.

Anything going on this weekend?

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  1. Looking forward to a little bit of a chill weekend before we get to the real work we have ahead in many ways. Just hope I can knock this cold out the rest of the way so I am 100% ready for the work!

  2. Good articles. Not quite sure with the weekend plans. Hubs will find out today if he has to work tomorrow. If not, he'll go to my hair girl to get a much-needed haircut. If he does have to work, then I'll grocery shop and get the laundry done tomorrow. It's going to be very warm this weekend in the 60's so the dogs will be getting walks both days too. =o)


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