Monday, March 2, 2020

Leap Weekend Wrap Up

Monday...we meet again, you saucy beetch!

The Mr is fighting some form of creeping crud so he's been feeling a little poopie since Friday.  Thankfully, he said he was feeling more annoyed with the situation than down for the count so that was a positive.  Friday night, I finished priming behind the couch and armoires so that is done.  We've decided to wait to paint it the final color until after they smooth out the ceiling in case they get glop on the wall and we'd have to re-paint like we're going to have to do in the kitchen in a few places.  So for a little while, it's going to look like I painted cloud crown molding on the walls.

Oh, and I lied about us not being able to add to scope creep.  This isn't my fault though...kinda.  Since we bought our table from West Elm, the chandelier above it is off center.  This table is 6" longer and it really only covers one side of the table now.  I said something last week about "why does the light look SO off-center over the table?"  He didn't say much but agreed it did.  I thought if it bothered him enough he'd say something but he didn't so I thought it was just me.  Then Friday after painting the cloud molding, he started laughing and said: "I don't know if I should say this or not but would it make sense for them to move the junction box for this chandelier down while they're adding lights in the living room and scraping the ceiling up?"  I said I was going to ask him the other night when I said it looked off center but I wasn't going to be the one to add one more thing."  He said it needed to be done.  I said I wasn't contacting them again so he emailed them and is framing it as he wants to "surprise" me with it.  I know we're the ones paying for it but I don't like being one of those nuisance clients even though I know others have zero problems with it.


Saturday morning we had to make a trip to a specialty store and afterward, I found there was a reclaimed wood place that had all kinds of dreamy stuff in there.

Beams, beams everywhere!

Just as the dude pointed out if you think about a barn built in the 1820s and them using a tree that's 150 years old and when those trees were planted, you're tipping back to Mayflower time!

(The Mr didn't like the look in my eye going through these old doors)

Le sigh.

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Oh, we saw this out and about too...I'm sure Prince is rolling.

We went to a new spot for lunch that was crappy and tried to go for dessert at a froyo place we like...well, liked.  It went out of business.  *kicks pebble*  We kind of drove aimlessly around town for a bit then came home to unload some stuff and took naps since the earlier rise was catching up to us.  We went out for a nice dinner and the Mr was pooped by 11pm and went to bed while I stayed up until my usual 1am.  😴

Sunday the Mr felt a little worse and I woke up feeling like I was dropped out of a moving truck.  (I think Friday's HIIT and shoulder session finally caught up with me combined with a night of grinding teeth.)  So we both had headaches for different reasons.  He installed some shutter dogs that we wanted to put up since Christmas.

They're a nod to the many homes we saw them on in Charleston but also used in old colonial homes as well so double bonus for me.  We couldn't attach them with the 4" lag bolts included because drilling into junction boxes on the other side would've made for a shocking morning.  So he had to trim down some 2" bolts we found and just attach them to the shutter itself which gives the exact same effect.  I really love the way it balances out the metal hooks we used for the yoke.

I made brunch which consisted of scrambled eggs, kielbasa, sourdough toast, and garlic rosemary home fries to make him feel better.  I made him a few cups of Throat Coat tea.  We watched SNL since John Mulaney was on and it was decent.  Neither of us was feeling much better so I sent him up to take an Epsom salt bath to see if it would help him while I worked on this and trying to get a computer issue solved.

I got some sealing done in the kitchen while he swept and put some of the stuff for the kitchen down in the basement.  (Sigh...the formerly clean basement.  It's like a remodel holding tank now.)  The fumes were making me headachy again so I came to the living room to enjoy a little hot tea while the Mr is upstairs making the floor creak in an area I can only assume is his closet.  I think he's purging again.  I've been getting the itch to get into the closet but one floor at a time.  I can't have the entire house in upheaval or I will go mad.  Correction:  Madder. 

We went for an almost three-miler at the park for our workout and I got a blister I'll have to deal with.  I balled my cantaloupe and made dinner while Sir Mouth Breather watched how nails come into existence on How It's Made.  Scintillating. 

What did you get into this weekend?

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  1. There is never a good time to get a cold, but I think it is the worst time to be sick when everyone is on high alert for Covid-19 already. I am actually going to cancel a chiro appointment cause I don't want to scare anyone. But I assure you all, it is just a cold.

  2. A sneeze or cough definitely gets you the side eye. I work in a germ cesspool and this time of year is terrible - between the end of cold/flu season and the beginning of allergy season I never know which kids are sick and which kids just have allergies.

    We spent a couple days out of town so that was nice. Skied Friday and Saturday and then came home. I wish we were close enough to make a day trip, but 3.5 hours is a little much to drive both ways and ski all day. Yesterday I fell icky, I think something I ate on the trip didn't set well with me, and I ran around like a crazy person trying ot get ready for today.

  3. I hope the cold clears up soon for the Mr.
    It was an okay weekend. Last minute changes to schedules for the hubs so I shuffled some things around and took care of a lot of errands. Yesterday hit 61 degrees so a lot of snow melted and now we're in the 40's most of this week, so my hope is to get to the park with the dogs for some good walks.

  4. I enlarged kitchen table and pulled it away from island, overhead light/ceiling fan ended up on far end of table. I so understand about one end being in the dark. We had to set up a desk lamp on an extension cord to do games/puzzles.

    I ended up replacing one fixture with three, in a line down length of table. They all run off one box. Switches stayed the same. Really pleased.


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