Thursday, March 12, 2020

Chippin' Away at the To Do List

Good Thursday to you all!  I hope you're having a great week and are ready to slide into the weekend soon.  I think we are.

Yesterday I decided since it's March and we've had consistently warmer weather and flannel Charlie Brown Christmas sheets are probably ready for their final wash and storage.  😢  I put away clothes that I've been too lazy to get to since Sunday and stripped the bed and got that rolling.  I've put off painting the area that was behind the trim by the pantry for like 3 weeks and time is winding down.

So I painted it with two coats and realize I'll have to paint that whole wall, likely the whole kitchen, because the sheens are all off.  Back to Home Depot we'll go at some point.  I'm pretty sure we own stock in it now.

Our microwave has felt very wonky to us, like it's going to fall off the wall.  The Mr hopped up to see the bolts on the top and discovered why.

That's where the dude didn't tighten it all the way so the side that's felt like it's gonna fall out is because of that.  FYI for any Best Buy customers, microwaves and stoves are handled by some outside company and only dishwashers and fridges are handled by Geek Squad  I swear to God if the same two d-bags come back, I will not even let them in the house until I've inspected the new appliances.  They're not removing these disasters until I know it's the last time we're going to see them.

The Mr's co-workers took him out to lunch today and they spent the afternoon shooting the poop which was nice for him.  It's been a good transition week for him so far and he just wants to get the hell out and be done.  He's pretty much disconnected from that department, is going to be introduced to his new department today in a meeting and then tomorrow he'll do his exit interview.  I'm hoping he'll take the opportunity to open the big boss' eyes to some people who contributed to his departure if it's presented.

We did Shift Shop's 45-minute strength and it handed us our boo-twa's as my mother would say.  I'm sure I'll be feeling it today.  We settled in and watched Survivor and The Masked Singer (HOLY SH*TBALLS!!!!!) before calling it an evening.

Have you knocked anything off of your to-do list this week?

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  1. The more work we have done the more I realize how much better off we are learning how to DIY stuff as much as we can. I hope the remodel proves me wrong since we got a glimpse of the skills that these particular guys have.

  2. I think I'm further behind than I was on Monday morning. Heading into spring break next week I have so much to do before I leave on Friday (oh crap that's tomorrow). It's like the "stuff" just doesn't stop rolling in.

  3. Good for you for gettin' stuff done, girl!! Within two months your house is going to look so much different and you're going to love it! Until then, try to stay out of jail. LOL

    Haven't accomplished too much this week other than small stuff. Trip to drop off donations, blankets washed (still have two more rounds to go), birthday gift bought, and a yummy dinner made. Other than that, it's been a meandering kind of week. It's going to be almost 60 today so hopefully the sun will be shining too after a gloomy, gloomy day yesterday.


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