Monday, March 30, 2020

Challenge Accepted Weekend Recap

It was nice to finally have a weekend where nothing was pending.  We weren't expecting a ton of dudes traipsing through the house and we could just take things at our own pace.  While we still had plenty to keep us busy, I can say we didn't do a whole lot of anything after the previous three weeks we went through.  Painting basically broke me last week and since I still have some to do, I gave myself permission to not do any over the weekend.  Challenge accepted.

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What I did do was get most of my spices transferred into those magnetic spice jars for the side of the fridge.

They took up a whole cubby in a small cabinet and I would prefer to use that space as a spot to keep our vitamins and other stuff instead of crammed in the plates cupboard.  I'm hoping my Container Store order ships earlier than expected.  I'm itching to organize the one "rogue" cabinet with no door into something that doesn't feel like a picture would have people up in my business.  It's driving me crazy even though we're the only people that will see it with what feels like forever.

We got the blinds and curtains hung which made us feel much less on display.  I'm happy with the way the fringe on my burlap curtains turned out.

I originally bought them in November for the World Market curtains that shrunk and were 4" too short.  I was going to use Fabric Fusion to attach it along the bottom so it would be all level looking.  Then when we decided to nix the blinds for curtains over the slider, I saw that the pattern in the top of the sheers would need to be sewn in a few places and all for curtains that didn't hang right.  Screw it.  So I got plain sheers and was going to attach it to those when I thought the burlap ones needed a little somethin' somethin' and boom...fringy goodness.  It kind of reminds me of some fringe pillows my grandma had when I was growing up so it makes me feel extra squishy.

I treated myself to an order from Dollar Hydrangea that arrives Tuesday, I think, to put some pops of spring around the house.  I've seen real bloggers get them and seem to have good luck with them after they perk up a day or so later from being squished in their box.  We'll see if that's true or I'm just a sheep that got snookered. 

The Mr got his Star Wars movie early from Best Buy and I have to say they are really stepping up during this whole thing.  He was supposed to pick it up, he switched it to shipping and then they refunded him the shipping and he got it early.  Between that and the whole not sending their dudes into your house thing (as annoying as that is for us right now), they are taking things seriously for both their customers and employees which should be applauded.  There are still far too many businesses that are clueless and their employees seem to be just as bad.    So he watched that while I perused Wayfair and he told me the pertinent parts to pay attention to.

Sunday we started getting little things hung and I got the mantel styled again so it could feel a little more homey.

We went for a 3 lapper around the hood which we haven't done in about 10 days since it was like the Ark was trying to make a comeback the previous week,  Then we had to head to Target and were able to get everything we needed except for strawberries and everyplace else was closed by the time we got there.  We came home and had chili for dinner and chilled for the rest of the night.

How was your weekend?

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  1. It is nice having things pretty much back together and even improved, like the curtains which are a huge improvement over the old blinds we had. Somehow the weekend still goes by too fast even with having to be stuck inside most of the time. I am glad we got in a nice walk around the hood for some sun yesterday though.

  2. Love the curtains!
    It's weird the weekend is over and feels like it went fast although it didnt feel fast at the time.
    I had a great mix of productive/restful/peaceful.
    Have a great week!

  3. Good for you for giving the painting a break!! And the curtains are darling! So glad it was a calmer weekend for you guys.
    Ours was a little stressful to say the least Saturday night. We had a tornado barreling down a direct path to us, but broke apart enough when it hit stable air mass, that we were okay. The tornado did touch down in a couple of towns not too far from us and I have a message out to a friend who's kids live in that town. The sirens were going nonstop at 8pm and all the local stations were saying to get in the basement under protection cover immediately. I normally don't get too freaked out about storms, but I must say I was genuinely scared, especially when they listed the cross streets right by our house as the path of this thing. I had my wallet in my hand the whole time in case the house was destroyed and I'd need ID. It was crazy. Little hard to sleep after that. LOL On the flip side, something so bizarre that gave me giggles is one of the local radio stations played Christmas music for 24 hours! Have no idea why, but it made me laugh hearing all these songs while daffodils are coming up. LOL Other than all that, it was low key and just did the usual house stuff.

  4. The weekend was just more of the same from last week. Two weeks ago was spring break, last week was "extended" spring break while us teachers tried to figure out what distance learning will look like for our school. We start today - wish me luck.

    This weekend we did get out for a walk on Saturday. It was really good to get out and get some fresh air and sunshine even though it wasn't really very warm. Yesterday we accidentally spent 3+ hours cleaning the basement. It was mean to be a quick pick up, and ended up being a big project. That's where I'll be working and working out so it feels good to have it clean though.

  5. Alternated cleaning, cooking, watching TV. We also sorted photos.

    We went out for a ride everyday, and that felt good. We have been walking every day.

    1. We have been home for weeks now, cars needed driven, so we did one a day for 3 days.


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