Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Silver Lining

Happy Tuesday! 

I'm currently looking for the motivation I had last week.  I had grand plans for Monday but I just could not kick my butt into gear.  The Mr and I got a printers drawer level and hung up finally.  You know how you have those things that you buy for one project or another, never do it and just before you're ready to let it go another purpose pops up?  I originally bought it with some scratch-off winnings from my stocking from my mom like two or three years ago.  I talked the dude down to $20 because they were going to leave soon and he was indifferent.  I was going to paint it white on the outside and then different muted colors and put sea shells we collected from West Hampton, NY,  Cape Henlopen State Park, DE, Martha's Vineyard, MA, and a few other spots.  I never got around to it because I think a few of the slots weren't going to fit the shells and I'd need to alter it so I just let it sit in the garage.  When I was poking around on Pinterest, I saw people were using them just hanging alone on the wall or with something attached to it.

(via Pinterest.  Not even giving you the link because I got a porny surprise when I clicked on it.)

I wanted to paint and poly in the kitchen but I didn't get around to it.  I think the gloomy weather just sucked my mood and motivation from the previously sunny day.  I decided to get the main armoire shelves back together and decorated.  They're not filled with everything I want in them yet but it'll do for now. 

I have to share something with you guys.  The silver lining in this whole thing.  I'm sure you've seen the video of Alton Brown showing you why using bar soap is superior to hand sanitizer and even liquid soap.  We got charcoal and lemongrass at the health food store and within five days of using bar soap 2-3x day (along with a few squirts of liquid in the kitchen) it completely healed my dry knuckles.  For the past five to six years, my knuckles on my index and middle fingers have been seriously irritated, dry and not just for winter though it was worse in the winter.  I tried maybe four or five different soaps and putting lotion on after washing my hands to no avail.  I took it as my new normal.  I couldn't believe how 1) luxurious it feels to use bar soap and definitely opened my eyes to how much less effective liquid soap feels in comparison and 2) that five years worth of misery was cured in five days.  So if you have dry hands and want to make sure that you're getting your hands truly clean, switch to bar soap! 

We went for a walk around the hood for 3 miles and it was considerably colder than the previous night's walk.  I'm glad that our neighbors are all taking social distancing seriously and while we'd love to pet you Leo or Lacey, it'll have to wait.  We came back and the Mr cut up Brussels while I made turkey taco meat to discover I didn't have Mrs. Dash seasoning or taco shells.  So I improvised with my handy dandy new spice rack and grabbed a few low sodium flour tortillas and made a tacodilla.  The Mr seemed to like it so that's all that mattered.

We caught up on the 9-1-1 we missed last week and I so regret knowing what "G Force Poisoning" is.  When the Mr turns away, it's not good.  He kept turning away every single time so I knew better than to look.  The sound effects were enough to make me want to barf.  But it was nice to flip on the fireplace and cozy up...you know, without a piece of 24-year-old smoldering trim on the insert.

What's a silver lining you've found since lockdown other than more family time?

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  1. I am with you on the bar soap being so much better for the skin. My hands were becoming like sandpaper between all the extra hand sanitizer usage and washing with liquid soap. Now that I am using the bar soap more frequently they feel normal and not dry at all. It also healed up a minor wound I had faster than it was healing prior to using the bar soap. Glad you got that stuff!

  2. Were you using antibacterial Liquid soap previously or what?

    I have super sensitive skin. Like using the soap at an airport, even just once, makes my hands raw.

    We have been using Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap for over 30 years. It cracks me up that it is now trendy. When I started using it, I had to special order. A jug of it lasts many years.

  3. I think for me the silver lining has been wonderful stories of people doing their best to be appreciative of the people on the front lines of this pandemic and how people are stepping outside of themselves to keep a positive attitude. I love what NYC does every night at 7pm by opening their windows (while staying in their homes, of course) and cheering the medical staff and first responders every single night. And patients writing notes of gratitude on their hospital windows for doctors and nurses as they are in isolation. Stories like that, with people doing what they can even in ways that don't *seem* big, but truly are, just really warm my heart.

  4. Bar soap can be messy. That's why I switched a long time ago, although I still use it in the shower with a soap saver under it. After watching your video I dug out an extra soap saver and put bar soap in the bathroom. The kid was mighty confused. lol.

    Silver lining - I've been cooking more. I really don't like cooking. At all. I enjoy baking but don't do it much b/c I really don't need all the breads and goodies here. Day to day cooking though, that's a big nope. I still don't like it, but I know it's healthier.


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