Monday, March 16, 2020

Shizz Got Real Weekend Recap

As I sit here typing this, I had to chuckle at the irony on "what a difference a day can make."  A week ago, a guy friend of mine emailed me and asked if I was quietly freaking out like he was to which I replied I had no time for that as I had bigger fish to fry with the reno and wasn't super worried.  I wasn't going to go out partying or licking people's faces either but we'd just been to the grocery stores Friday and got toilet paper and all supplies were just fine.  I thought it was the media blowing things out of proportion but we were still going to be cautious.  Two days later and the Mr and I are looking at solar generators and 30-day supplies of people chum.  😂

I heard stories from all over but not one person I knew seemed concerned.   Then I got online to just place an order for one package of a few things I was low on and got nervous.  No toilet paper, cleaning products and all of the stuff you heard about.  I must've looked at 12 different sites and everyone was sold out and some had pre-orders but no delivery date until the end of April.  We weren't binging on news articles but what we could find was not promising and the lines everywhere were long.  We decided to wait and see if going around midnight would fare better when they were restocking.  We were wrong.

We were blown away to see almost all of the produce completely gone.

The meat section didn't fare any better.

Whole aisles of stuff completely obliterated. 

Our attention turned from getting the house ready for the reno to "crap, we need to find groceries we're actually running low on!" 

We were able to get some apples, a few pasta sauces that we needed and I said we needed to get our Easter candy because I had a feeling they could close things soon and dammit, I want my chocolate bunny! 

The next day we had to make a run to a few other places to see if we'd do any better.  Again, no bananas, lots of produce wiped out and the only meat I could find at one place was pork so I got two things of chops.  Another store had some frozen fish and I felt like I won the lottery when I found an abandoned bunch of bananas on top of a donut display!  I guess they went to different comfort food.

We started taking some stuff downstairs that night and Sunday morning I woke up with a horrible migraine.  Not the day for it, that's for sure!

The Mr was kind enough to take down everything from the cupboards while I did make-ahead meals in case we get put on lockdown.

(Pandemic pasta, anyone?)

I put in a beef roast we had and froze two servings of that.  I made a lasagna and cut it into eight for four dinners.  I made a pot of turkey chili and that'll be enough for 2-3 dinners.  We've got other stuff to make but I figured if I got sick, I wanted the Mr to be able to pull out heat and eat dinners for us. 

He got the kitchen 80% done and I need to work on the rest of it today.  We've got crap from the living room we need to move as well since they get here about 7:30 tomorrow morning.  Talk about timing, right?  At least we'll have a lovely new quarantine area should we need it.  😏

I know some people think we're nuts, I know my family would be among them.  I found out one of my family members had pneumonia and they went out over the weekend because they were on the "tail end of it."  SMDH  Yes, do put the immune systems of others at risk because you're bored.  We're not digging a bunker just yet but my God man, the way they have total disregard for just regular illness you'd think maybe a pandemic might make them think otherwise?  Nope.  I told the Mr. I think I'm adopted.  I'm the only person in my family that seems to think it's better to be prepared than in a hospital.   He said he feels the same way.  I guess we're meant to ride this stuff out together.  I'm really crossing my fingers his job says they need to telework.  Funny thing is, his old job did.  God guffaws.

So I've got my work cut out for me today in getting the house in order.  I'm going to pray I don't have to fight the lady there again about some minor issues she brought up last week to which I put my foot down and told her no.  Don't make this harder than it needs to be, lady.

How did you spend the weekend?

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  1. I stayed home and cleaned. I'm not leaving my house. My Mom is 80 and has compromised health, I cant risk it. My company has not implemented remote yet but my boss and I did for ourselves. I'd rather be overly cautious and be wrong then the other way around. I am tired of the whining on social media. Is it really that bad to spend 24/7 with the ones you love?
    Have a great week!

  2. So the timing of starting a new job of course sucks mainly because I would otherwise be teleworking indefinitely but I hope it is a short time before the new boss gives the same order.

    These are truly unprecedented times in all of our lives unless you're over 100 years old and reading this. Even then, in 1918, they didn't close everything down and that was kind of the problem. When I had the chance to get multiple packs of TP and chose to only take one it was because I feel that each of us needs to think of others as well as ourselves now. It is the only way to get thru this. We are in this one together no matter what so let's do what we can to help. Good luck everybody! Praying for all of you and your loved ones!

  3. It sure was a surreal weekend. Very bizarre in so many ways. I've never seen Olive Garden, Culvers, or Panera have less cars in their parking lots than I did driving by both days. Only grocery stores and pharmacies have to remain open from what the county is saying, but even that they can change if they chose to. I had plans to have dinner with some friends for a birthday and that's not happening(which I was rather relieved about actually). Just a very odd feeling for everybody right now. I'm not overly concerned about getting sick because it's like the flu and, while that sucks, I'm not concerned about recovering. It's more about not wanting to be an unknown carrier because of the population I work with. I don't need that kind of guilt. lol I get screened every day I walk in the building and they've minimized who can come in to the building going forward. Now that my outside exercise has been shut down I need to pull out the portable DVD again and get cracking. I told the hubs that now there's no excuse not to get house stuff done. LOL
    Have a good week and everybody stay sane and safe.

  4. My weekend was spent almost exactly how I had planned before all of this pandemic stuff. We went into the city to test drive a new vehicle, went for a walk in the local park, and out for sushi on Saturday. Sunday was stay at home, do some chores around the house, and then pick up my boyfriend's son for his regular week with us.

    I went into the local grocery store yesterday and it all seemed normal. My mom has pink eye, so she asked me to pick her up some cranberry juice and we were getting low on milk. No long lines. Everything I wanted was on the shelves. Lots of produce available. People acting normal. My only worry is how to keep my boyfriend's son active and entertained since they have closed the schools for the next three weeks,all of the regular afterschool/sports activities have been cancelled, and the weather isn't warm enough yet for a lot of outside time.


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