Tuesday, March 10, 2020

A Little Productivity and Time to Scramble

How do, Tuesday? 

Monday was productive in the afternoon.  After confirming the way I thought I should do it, I got to work on the fireplace surround.

They shall never be that reflective again.  We've decided to wait until the remodel is done to put it back on.  Hey, it sat there with wood trim smoldering in it for 23 1/2 years, what's a week without the surround?  We figured the chance of it getting nicked or scratched was too high because that's how it goes in these parts. 

While I was waiting for the first coat to dry, I got to work on caulking the front step.

The caulk on it before was crumbled out and I basically didn't need to scrape it at all.  What was left of it just pulled up.  We got some kind of sealant for the inside of the gutters because I realized at the elbow that the big ol' icicles that come out there are from a leak.  So the icicle will sit there and rot the wood trim at the corner.  No thank you.  I found a good exterior wood filler that will hopefully buy us some time.  I'll tackle that in about 2 weeks once we're all clear of any contractors/delivery folk.

We went down and did the 10 Rounds sample workout on Beachbody on Demand and we'll have to preview it when it comes out next month.  The strength parts are good but I don't like how they don't switch over and repeat the same moves on the other side.  Joel Freeman explained in his stories that if you feel tightness in your calves or whatever, it's because your stance is wrong.  No, it's because you're not switching to the other side and overloading our legs but tit for tat.

We came up to an email from the coordinator for the remodel after I sent her something I thought she'd get today.  I am waiting to hear final confirmation but it's looking like they're planning to do both the kitchen and the great room at the same time.  Why on Earth would you do that in a small house when the appliances you need to move from the kitchen will need to be in the great room along with a couch and loveseat, two armoires and a big side table???  Do you get paid more by the obstacle?   She informed us every single cabinet will need to have everything removed and dusted.  When I read that to the Mr, we both stared at each other for almost a solid five minutes speechless looking around the shoebox wondering where in the eff we're sticking it all.

(via Giphy.com)

Then I started sweating about how I can't be on the same floor when they're doing the work so any time I come down to check on things, well, it's going to look like I'm checking on them.  I really hope it's the dudes that did our ceiling since there's already a rapport there but it might not be.  Then I have to make sure the electrician puts the recessed lights where we want them.  I wonder if they'll see me hanging upside down peeking through the open staircase?  Type A with no husband rudder...anything could happen!  We did a little bit of pre-emptive clean up like getting all extra pillows in the big trunk/coffee table to make room downstairs for all of our crap so we wouldn't have to intrude into our workout space.  Mama is gonna NEED her workouts that week!

Are you feeling productive this week?  What tasks do you need to tackle?

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  1. I do wish things had timed out better so I could be there, but we will be ready for them. It will be a bit disruptive to our lives for a few days but hopefully totally worth it when you see the end results!

  2. One thing I really need to work on this spring is cleaning out the storage unit I've been paying for for 4 years. I don't know that I can empty it completely out because some things need to be held on to until they can have a proper home, but I could certainly go into a smaller unit. The main thing is taking the time to haul out each and every items and do something with it. Time wasn't a luxury when I got the storage unit, so it was a lot of "dump and run," so now I need to work on making decisions and finding help for some things.


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