Friday, March 30, 2018

Friday Flashback

As you can imagine, I have had zero chances to read anything this week so there will be no What I'm Reading This Week.

Instead, I would like to do a Friday Flashback with the topic being, of course, Grandma's.

I have shared some of my favorite memories of my Grandma from loading up on ice cream to comforting a crying great-grandchild.

Please comment about your favorite memory of your Grandma or someone who was like a Grandma to you.

Have a great weekend all and a very Happy Easter!
Don't forget to have a maple egg for Grandma.

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  1. My Grandmother on my Dad's side was the most harmless, sweetest woman I knew as a kid. She made cherry kool-aid that she would add orange juice to and that is actually the best combination and she always got the mix just right. I never did quite perfect that myself. It's odd that all this time later I find out that my Mom kind of clashed with her, but that's how Mother in laws can be sometimes I guess. I only really ever saw her once or twice a year but for a long time the tradition of visiting them included watching The Wizard of Oz so I still associate that movie with my Grandma. That is the Mrs' favorite movie so I never really mind watching it because it always takes me back.

    My Grandmother on my Mom's side I had a lot more time with. My favorite memories of her included how she would put out "the Fish flag" on her flag pole which signified to the rest of her neighbors that the pool was open to the public. Anyone could come on over and swim. Ahh the days before insurance would ruin everything huh? She would make the best chocolate milkshakes and chocolate chip cookies and I would swim for hours. She'd keep asking "are you waterlogged yet?" The funny thing is I'd keep telling her no because I had no idea what that actually meant at the time. I was probably waterlogged within 5 minutes technically, but if she was asking if I was done swimming, then answer was - not until you have those cookies and a milkshake waiting for me Grandma!

    I shared a bit about The Mrs' Grandma yesterday. She truly was like my own Grandma because she treated me like her own blood and I always appreciated that. I also always appreciate that I had a Grandma again because by the time I met her, both of my actual Grandma's had already passed. I miss them all dearly.

    If your Grandparents are still alive, go hug them for me!

  2. My Grandma spoiled us all ROTTEN!! She was amazing--she made pancakes in any shape you asked (butterflies, dogs, hearts, etc.). For our cereal, she would put our milk in these fancy little pitchers for each kid and we would pour it out of those and pretend we were somewhere fancy and we were rich. We would have hot dogs for lunch and since me & my cousin didn't like relish (but wanted some), she would cut our favorite pickles up into little tiny pieces (pretend relish)--then put that in a fancy dish with a spoon. She was all about being "fancy" as though we had money. She would always say, "Too bad we were born beautiful instead of rich." When people would tell her how adorable her grandchildren were, she'd say, "I guess so--we kill the ugly ones." LMAO--of course, today she'd probably be arrested for saying that! Ha! MISS HER LIKE CRAZY!!!

  3. I remember my one grandma on my father's side always kept Three Musketeers fun size bars in her giant walk-in pantry and she'd allow us to go in there and gobble them up, even after my parents put the kibosh on it. LOL Both my grandmothers died when I was between 7-9 years old, so I don't have a lot of memories. On my mother's side, she had a cookie jar with the worst cookies in them, but we ate them anyway because, you know, they were cookies. It was her cookie jar I was in love with and years later I found one here in town at the antique mall and had to buy it. Here's the link to it... I bet you've seen this at some point. Tacky as can be and I love it! LOL

  4. There is something about a grandmother's love that is special. I was lucky to have 2 awesome ones in my life. It's a blessing to love someone so much that it hurts so much to say goodbye. Hugs to you. I'm sorry xx

  5. Both mine passed before I had any memories with them. I love hearing stories about people's gmas.
    Godspeed to you your Grams, may she rest peacefully


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