Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Random Wednesday

When the Mr and I were on a walk, he asked if I saw this picture on a nostalgia website:

He said that when he was a kid and watching reruns or action shows they showed quicksand so much that he worried about how he was going to escape it because obviously, according to TV, it was everywhere!  I do remember that and here and there but I think I thought it was more in swamps because of The Neverending Story (affiliate link).  Poor Artax couldn't survive the Swamp of Sadness.  I remember watching that in 5th grade as a class.  (Nothing like the feeling of utter glee when they rolled the TV into the classroom!?)  At that point, all of the girls were sobbing and even a few of the guys and they're all "what!?  I'm not crying, you're crying!"

We watched Kramer vs. Kramer (affiliate link) for the first time last week.  I know, I'm only like almost 40 years late or something?  I knew the kid looked familiar and I was like "is that Mikey from Sixteen Candles!?" and I IMDB'd him and sure enough.  Then I saw that he was nominated for an Academy Award in 1980 for it making him one of the youngest to ever be nominated.  Boy, that kid could ACT, yo!  I was a heap watching him bawl his eyes out at different times and seeing the transition from the first egg scene to the last.  (I'm not going to assume everyone has seen it since it took me that long!)  Less than 5 years later, I would be going through my own divorced parent's story and I wonder if that movie would've helped me if I'd seen it at the time.  The circumstances weren't the same but the judge ordered visitation was almost verbatim and made me wonder if that was just what he handed out until someone was like "you can't Kramer every case, Larry!"

The Mr was kind enough to go on a grocery run for me when I saw I was out of two things I needed for recipes today.  I asked if he wanted to see I, Tonya (affiliate link) or not and he brought it home from Redbox.  I can see why the people who were nominated deserved them.  Both Alison Janney and Margot Robbie did amazing jobs with their portrayals of Tonya Harding and her mom.  I don't know that we're any closer to having answers to what really happened but it was entertaining especially if you lived through the scandal before the next one happened...O.J.

Anyone watch the This is Us finale last night?  Lord, I didn't even get to the credits before the tears started!  The flash forwards were interesting.  If you have any thoughts, share 'em in the comments and anyone not wanting spoilers, don't go peeking and then gripe there are spoilers!  LOL

What movie did it take you decades to finally see?

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  1. I really did think quicksand was going to be the most dangerous thing to avoid. So far, thank God, I've never even seen quicksand. But the funny thing is I was watching the science channel after seeing that image and, sure enough, they mentioned how deadly quicksand can be (it was a show about sand dunes and things). So be sure you are still always on guard, you never know when quicksand is going to try to get you!


    Once upon a time we were all over those dunes. I have been there, to the beach, after this happened and it is daunting to realize how big they really are.

  3. Kramer vs. Kramer was brutally honest and such a rare movie for back then where there was no happy ending. I remember crying a lot about that movie. There's a lot of movies that I haven't seen, but the two that come to mind are the original Star Wars movies (although I might have seen the first one as a kid but don't truly remember it) and the Godfather movies. I was an adult when I finally watched them, and I still don't think I've seen all of them. LOL


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