Friday, March 16, 2018

What I'm Reading This Week #11

Howdy do all?  In case you didn't know, it's FRIDAY!!    That means tomfoolery is potentially afoot!  I'm all about tomfoolery.

But first, let's get to...

10 Signs Your Workout Isn't Working  (Good things to be aware of)

10 Ways Changing How You Think Promotes Weight Loss  (Pretty standard stuff but in case you need a reminder)

These 11 Foods Are Scientifically Proven to Boost Your Mood  (Make your grocery list!)

Back Exercises to Reduce Low-Back Pain  (Cat stretch is  my favorite)

10 Dynamic Warm-Up Exercises to Prime You for Your Workout  (Warming up is so important!)

10 Time-Management Fails — and How to Fix Them  (Must put these into action)

Ab Exercises to Do at Your Desk (I'll just say be careful doing the leg pull ins.  I did those the night my inner thighs went haywire)

Microplastics found in 93% of bottled water tested in global study  (Can anyone seriously be surprised by this!?  Avoid plastic bottled water if at all possible.  We love our Kleen Kanteens. (affiliate link) )

10 Daily Habits to Increase Your Productivity  (Word)

Don't Confuse Justin Hartley With the Actor He Plays on TV  (Good interview!)

Role Recall: Jeff Goldblum on 'The Fly' makeup, why he unbuttoned in 'Jurassic Park,' and his Cate Blanchett crush  (OMG, crying laughing.  This is so classic Goldblum.  Love that man)

We're getting together at a seafood place with friends tomorrow.  It'll be nice to try something new to all of us and I don't mind not having to cook since I've been doing a lot of extra cooking this week.  Of course, we have to get things cleaned up today first so I know what we'll be doing today.  Pfft.

What are you guys into this weekend?

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  1. Happy Friday!
    Off to a high school play tonight. Love the kids, they are all heart.
    Colonoscopy prep Sunday, first timer, it.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. We are due for some snow and ice overnight and I have a meeting to lead on the other side of town. Yikes. It should be gone by the afternoon, but still. Then it's just a lot of house stuff and getting some returns together to finally get mailed off (procrastinated long enough on that). I have a UTI as well from the test I just did this morning so a visit to the clinic will be in order I'm sure.

    Have a great lunch and visit with your friends!! Always fun to try a new place.

  3. Busy morning but better late to comment then never right? Just wanted to say Happy Friday and weekend everybody!

  4. I always check out time mgt advice but is this seriously their advice for a 30 min morning routine?, "It can be as simple as a quick shower, drinking coffee while catching up on the morning news, a brisk walk around the block, and five minutes of meditation." In 30 minutes? They aren't asking much.

    1. Start with the 5 minutes of meditation while you're taking a morning #2, then a 12 minute lap around the hood while your coffee is brewing on your departure. 1 minute to pour and flavor into a travel mug. Take your travel mug with your hot coffee in the shower with the local news streaming on your phone for 10 minutes and BOOM 2 minutes to spare! Bwaaaahahaha!


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