Friday, March 9, 2018

What I'm Reading This Week #10

Happy Friday all! 

It's been a long, weird week and I'm ready for the weekend.  So let's just jump right into...

30 Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods  (Inflammation is the devil and the devil lives in my legs)

The Scary Reason You Should Never Wear Shoes Inside  (Um.  Eww)

Exercise and Plantar Fasciitis  (Good info to know!)

Is Cutting Carbs Bad For Your Brain? A Neuroscientist Explains  (In a word...yes)

Calling All Acupuncture Skeptics: Here Are Some Great Reasons To Give It A Try  (I'd love to try this version where 3" ones aren't driven into my calves)

30 Everyday Mistakes You’re Probably Making That Can Ruin Your Teeth  (Keep those pearlies white...and strong)

Here’s How Far You Need to Walk Every Day to Extend Your Life  (Not as far as you might think!)

15 Telltale Signs You Might Have Cancer  (Not fun to think about but important to know)

This Simple Test Could Predict Your Risk of Alzheimer's  (Can you spot which is not like the others?)

25 Ways to Increase Your Protein  (Rebuild dat muscle!)

12 Reasons I'm Glad I Married My High School Sweetheart  (Me too!)

Women Are Giving Guys ‘Man-gagement’ Rings  (Sorry to burst your bubble so-called "trendsetters" but I gave the Mr an engagement ring back in 1994 so you're late to the party.  I remember his mom was bewildered which at the time made it that much more fun.)

Nothing really planned that I know of.  We've got company next weekend so it would behoove us to get a jump on things this weekend.  We'll see if that actually happens or not.  I suppose getting the vintage Santa artwork out of the bathroom is probably in order.  I've just been waiting for the Mr to say something and he hasn't so...Santa for everyone!

What are y'all into this weekend?

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  1. Some good links as usual. 10 Weeks in already huh? Seems like just yesterday it was Christmas! TGIF everybody!

  2. Happy Friday! Tomorrow I have a meeting, then get labs done, then get a wheel alignment done all in the morning. Then it's gathering up the final tax stuff for the accountant on Monday and doing laundry and cleaning. I slacked big time this week so I need to get my head back in the game. Have a super weekend!!

  3. LOL . . . I love your comment about Santa in the bathroom. I still have my Christmas lights up, set to come on automatically, and my natural Christmas wreath is still hanging on my front door.


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