Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Food Review: Fiesty Cherry Diet Coke

Diet Coke has been pretty jazzed about their newly redesigned cans as well as new flavors, and it might have you intrigued.  I'm not a diet soda fan at all.  You don't want to know what I say it tastes like but that's neither here nor there.  The Mr doesn't care for it either but he's been known to drink a Diet Dr. Pepper on extremely rare occasion so he was curious to see if the Fiesty Cherry Diet Coke tasted similar.

The can is snazzy, as intended.

Here are the nutritional facts:

A peek at the actual ingredients.

So what did the Mr think?

It tasted nothing like Diet Dr. Pepper and he said there was an aftertaste, which I think is present with anything containing aspartame.  He asked if I wanted a sip so I took one.  I handed it right back to him.  Wasn't a fan before and not a fan now but again, I don't drink diet soda to begin with.  Anyone who is a diet soda drinker may think it's the bees patellas so don't take our word for it.  They have a myriad of flavors like Ginger Lime, Twisted Mango, Zesty Blood Orange, in addition, to Fiesty Cherry.

Do you drink diet soda?  Have you tried the new flavors?

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  1. I was a 5 bottle a day diet comer, quit 3 years ago and now it tastes like chemicals to me.

  2. I definitely fell for the marketing on this one. When they said "they nailed it" in the commercials I thought maybe they had finally found a way to make it taste good without that diet aftertaste - but no, it pretty much tastes the same to me, maybe slightly muted aftertaste.

  3. I can do diet pop with the "clear" pops, like Sprite or Squirt (my favorite) and flavors like orange and root beer. But I've never liked diet Coke or Pepsi.

  4. I have tried all of these. I drink soda rarely, but on occassion just need the caffeine. I don't drink coffee. The only one I would do again if needed would be the ginger lime. It had enough of a bite to drown out any other after taste. But as a whole, they wont make me knock a kid down to get to it.


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