Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Hump Day Check In

Good Hump Day mornin' all!

It's been a week of testing myself to see what the bod is capable of.  I'm not back into doing Tae Bo or anything like that but Sunday night, I wanted to see if I was able to do a 3 miler around the hood again and not pay dearly for it the next day.  Upon our return, we went downstairs and rolled and stretched.  I think I did about 30 minutes because I knew by jumping up a mile without warning, I could be in serious trouble the next day.  My ankle was not pleased an hour later and I was limping around.  I used the ultrasound on it and rolled the golf ball into the tight recesses of the arch that just seems relentless in ever releasing but neither helped.  The next morning the ankle was still in really bad shape but it was to be expected and I was pleasantly surprised that my legs as a whole were in much better shape having jumped up a whole mile from the last walk we did.  I assume the stretching played a part in that and I'll take that as some form of progress.

Monday, I moved from the couch, with whom I share a blood supply, to the dining room table to work.  You know, six feet away.  We have these seagrass chairs that always seem relatively comfortable to me when eating dinner or spending hours there talking with friends.  Well, my legs and azz didn't take too kindly to it.  It's definitely different than my usual sitting position which I firmly believe has significantly contributed to my leg problems.  But as I type, my butt bones are on the edge of the chair and it hurts like a mofo.  If nothing else, it will encourage me to get up and stretch every 15 minutes because it's so damn uncomfortable!  HA!

We decided to rent some award winner movies that came out so we got Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and Ladybird(affiliate links) I wanted to watch Three Billboards first since I heard about a rather graphic beating scene and I wanted that not to be the last thing before bed.  (Plus I am super sensitive to that kind of stuff anyway.)  I have to say it was really good and everyone who won totally deserved it.  Ladybird was eh.  Too artsy for my taste, I guess.  Her mom we wanted to smack a few times because she was a lot like my friend's mom...constantly criticizing every move she made.  It was maddening to watch having a somewhat first-hand knowledge of what that does to someone having a mother that criticizing during your formative years.

How's your week panning out so far?

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  1. I have noticed a marked improvemment in my recovery time after workouts now that we've put a bigger emphasis on stretching. I hope for you that it all works itself out eventually, especially now that you will be varying your time more between standing and sitting in the couch or chair.

    I'm glad we rented those movies and I think I liked Lady Bird just a touch more than you did - maybe because of the Catholic School parts that I could relate to a bit, who knows. There is also the funny way that the Universe showed us Sacramento.

  2. My week has been meh so far. Had a good Monday, a so-so Tuesday, and just want today to be done with. lol I think the cold and snow have me down a bit because my plans with the pooches are now postponed until we can get out of the 30's again next week. I did go to sleep nice and early last night and that felt great.

  3. Ugh. Yes. I get you with the couch comment. I hate having to sit at kitchen tables or even at a desk when I work from home. I'd much rather sit on the couch and be comfy. Maybe you could get a cushion to add to your table chair for when you work there. That way you're not making your leg worse, but you're not making your butt hurt either!

  4. Total sidenote...I thought you might find this interesting since you and the Mr. are such movie buffs.


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