Friday, March 23, 2018

What I'm Reading This Week #12

Happy Friday everyone!  I'm so ready for the weekend as I'm sure you all are as well!   It's been a week.  We had the plumber who installed our bathroom sink back out again (3rd times the charm?) because they didn't properly vent the sink so we had serious gurgling and a slight backup of sewer gas which is lovely.  Extensive research, a few maintenance visits later told us the problem and I'll be damned if I was paying another cent for something they didn't do right the first time 8 months ago.  Of course, all I could hear from him was why it was a mystery and he didn't really know what to do other than rotate his thumb up his rump replace the drain system but without an overflow something or other.  (Insert fury here)  He did put the offset drain in there to humor us and so far it seems to be working.   I'll consider it a victory after 8 months of no issues like the first time.

Enough of our home improvement adventures, let's catch up on...

19 Tips a Weight-Loss Coach Won’t Tell You for Free  (Thankfully, you have this article because if I paid for these tips, I'd be a little ticked!)

How to (Truly) Change Your Habits  (Interesting strategy)

How to Stop Feeling Burned Out and Reignite Your Creativity   (Oddly, win the Powerball anonymously, quit your job and move to a remote jungle isn't on the list.   Hmmph)

The One Thing That Protects a Laptop After It’s Been Stolen  (Good info to know!)

How Exercise Can Keep Aging Muscles and Immune Systems ‘Young’  ( A good reason to exercise well past 65!)

What Marriage Experts Think About Couples Who Fart In Front Of Each Other  (Sorry dude but if it's a matter of pain or discomfort over you thinking I'm Shrek, I'll fart every time.)

Chrissy Metz Says Her Stepfather Beat Her and Forced Her to Do Humiliating Weigh-Ins as a Teen  (Heartbreaking.  You can bet by the time I would be big enough to give him a run for his money, I'd hit the effer back.)

14 Things To Know If You Love A Highly Sensitive Person  (Most of these.)

Getting A Tax Refund Is Bad, Actually  (Actually, it's not.  And if I hear one more person say "it's like giving the government a tax-free loan" I'm going to barf.  If you are not good at saving money or budgeting when you see your paychecks deposited, taking the lowest exemptions and even having them withhold X amount per pay can ensure you have enough money come tax time for a big azz vacation or several small ones without ever having to think about it.  But if it makes you feel better to see more in your check, set up an automatic transfer into a savings account that you don't have immediate access to for an extra $80-$145 in interest per $10K.  It's just a matter of what you are comfortable with.)

Today we're having a landscaping company out to take a look at our back patio to get an estimate on what it would cost for them to put in a paver patio.  Our stones are about 18 years old and have held up well but are looking tired and are not really made anymore so we can't get replacements for ones with hairline cracks.

It's supposed to be a slopfest out there weather wise so I don't know that much will be on our agenda.  I need to figure out what to make for Easter this year.   How is it already just over a week until Easter!?  Yeesh!

What are you hoppin' into this weekend?

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  1. Are you kidding me? Easter already? I had no idea we were that close. March has flown by! Everyone have a great weekend!

  2. It is so hard to believe that April is only nine days away! We're due to get a couple of inches of snow overnight but then it'll be 50 on Sunday so most of it should melt pretty quickly. I get my hair done tomorrow so that's always a fun visit with my friend. Other than that, it's a lot of house stuff that I wasn't able to work on last weekend. But I did a load of laundry yesterday so I'm ahead of the game there. lol Have a super weekend!!


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