Thursday, January 18, 2018

Perfect Date Night

It's Thursday peeps...or what I like to call "Friday lite."  

I was super productive yesterday which always feels really good.  I'm only about half done with those projects but hopefully I can work on the second half soon and give myself some breathing room.    When the Mr got home, I asked him the question every snow lovin' woman wants to know...


He was game so we got all suited up in our snow pants and toque/sock monkey hat respectively and unfortunately the snow answered the question for us.  No.  You will not build a snowman...I am not packing snow.

So what do two people do when sunset is looming and they're ready for snowy fun?

Well you sled, of course.

We don't have a major snow hill behind the house but it's enough to get a little speed going.  A leftover plastic drop cloth and trash bag gave the perfect speed we needed.  What can I say, use what you've got!  It served as our cardio for 30 minutes trudging up and down the hill, rolling out awkwardly then lifting my big arse up to do it all over again.  

We basically stopped when I could no longer feel my toes.  Then I went down while he cleaned off the rest of my car (I got most of it with a little shoveling earlier in the day) and then he joined me for some PT.  Date night.

Then it was dinner time and I saw The 1975 put their London show at the O2 back up so we watched a good bit of that.  Cannot WAIT for new music from them this year!  *confetti building inside until release date*

Today I see the chiro.  I feel weird not bringing him treats.  Maybe next time since it'll be close to Valentines Day.  A chocolate covered shortbread foam roller or something.

What did you do on your last date night?

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  1. Sledding is actually a killer workout. Not so much the sledding part but going up the hill in heavy snow is a real butt buster. Not to mention just being out in the cold is a good way to force your body to maintain body temp which is always a good way to boost metabolism. But most importantly, its FUN! So what if we end up on Youtube!

  2. Sledding sounds fun! Glad ya got your snow on!

  3. It looks like you had an absolute blast out there! That is awesome and you accomplish two things -- spending good fun quality time with each other and burning a boatload of calories.

    My last date night was with a couple of friends for dinner around Christmas. lol I had a lot of fun and really got to unwind and we had a blast with the waiter, cute lil' muffin that he was. I feel reenergized after outings with friends, probably because I don't do them too often.


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