Monday, January 15, 2018

Happy Monday!

It was a nice weekend for us.  Friday, I told the Mr that I know it wasn't our usual hot chocolate night but I wanted a special mug of the fancy stuff to send out our tree.  I knew that would be the last snowfall before we took it down and I wanted to give it a proper chocolatey send off.  We turned off all of the lights except for the tree and little ceramic tree.  I made hot cocoa (truffle for me and his special Lake Champlain Guatemalan Chocolate I got him for Christmas) and we sipped watching the snow fall.  He said it tasted and felt just like Vermont.  Score.  We reminisced about our pup and the silly things she used to do.  Then he surprised me and brought up some 8mm tape transfer DVD's of our first Christmas and so many wonderful memories with our girl.  He also brought up my grandpa's last Christmas which was bittersweet as he and his mom and dad were in it.  At that point, he'd been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and we all knew it would be his last but he was thankfully early in the diagnosis so he still looked healthy.  We would lose his parents two years later within a week of each other after 70 years together.  After the present opening, the Mr filmed me and my two cousins having a snowball fight.  It was so funny to watch and listen to and brought smiles to our faces.  That was my favorite night of the year so far.

Saturday we woke up to a goodly amount of snow but it was quite cold which I can take but it was gusts up to 40mph which would've been not so fun to navigate.  We went out to lunch and went shopping afterward.  I found a place that had a holiday sale that carried this North Pole Post mailbox I've been eyeing for two years.  I was able to get it for $19 so I couldn't pass it up. 

I also found this little box that I can't wait to fill with greens!

We swung by a few other stores and after having felt better than I've felt in months for the previous three days, I could feel my foot starting to flare big time.  I finally figured out the root of my worst pain...those effing Brooks shoes that I've dropped over $300 on in the past year.  When I had my Saucony's, I was fine and the only time I used Brooks were to workout so I had a wider toe box to work with.  When a stick stabbed through my shoe in Martha's Vineyard and I knew I had to replace them, I did so with a Spenco insole which I used for years.  The problem is, the arch support was now rubbing the bottom of my arch in the plantar fascia making it sore and so I thought the Saucony's were the problem.  When I got the Brooks, I got Spenco insoles for those in lieu of their insoles since the chiro said those are the only shoes I should have (even the podiatrist said so 5 years ago).  But that's when the problem just built on itself.  So by the end of the day, all of the forward progress I made was out the window.

That meant Sunday was spent going to the shoe store and trying on other shoes with wider toe boxes.  We wondered if maybe the Brooks would be okay if I got the women's model (which only comes in barf colors) over the men's (which had more colors and less Rainbow Brite looking).  Well, one walk around in those and it hit in the same spot.  So Brooks are out...period.  Really sucks because I love the ones I just bought 3 months ago that are one week out of their return period.  *bangs head against wall*  I walked in the New Balance and I've never cared for those but they hit on the same spot.  What were the last ones he brought out?  Saucony's.  Of course, they fit the best and the arch support hit right where *I* need it to and I felt so much more comfortable wearing those.  Not like their color selection is much better but I picked some  (affiliate link) that didn't make me recoil in horror in wides.  I don't know what it is but it's like all running shoe companies treat people with wide feet like the bastard child that should be lucky we even get a shoe.  We'll see how I like them once they come in and I'll have 90 days to test drive them.  But it's a good thing my butt muscles are built up so hopefully, the ankle pain will go away quicker.

We got snow overnight so we're going to try shoeing today.  I know the ankle isn't in the best shape to be doing that but I get so few chances to do it that you've gotta do what you've gotta do, yo.

Happy MLK Day.  If you have 30 minutes, please make sure you watch this amazing movie that they show at the National Civil Rights Museum.  It is truly heartbreaking, inspirational and gives the full story of what happened that day.  It's on YouTube so it's free for now.

What did you guys do this weekend?

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  1. I work today. My school has never had MLK day off, and I'm not sure why. It's supposed to be a high of 31 here today with a 30% chance of "freezing drizzle". Let me tell you how much I'm looking forward to that.

    I hope you have fun snowshoeing today.

  2. I've never worn Sauconys before, but I love my Brooks Beasts. I have an extra wide foot, so it is the men's shoe for me. I hope the shoe change helps your foot issues. I hate having problems with my feet, it's like my everything hurts if they hurt.

  3. I'd worn Sauconys and Asics for years and then my feet got weird on me and I couldn't handle them anymore, not even for cutting the lawn. I think I have about 4 pairs of new Asics that I have to give away because my feet protest. I'm now wearing Vionics in work shoes, sneakers, and slippers because I cannot be in bare feet at all. Both Achilles give me trouble though so I need to do some stretching there.

    Weekend was good. Went out the burbs to see a friend who was here from NC and we had a great time seeing a movie (with recliners! I was in heaven. LOL), and then the Olive Garden to chat. Sunday was a lot of football, grocery shopping, and laundry which the hubs helped with. I piddled around and never got to have my much needed nap, and yet I can't figure out what I accomplished to warrant that. Ha! This morning I was up at 4:30am and shoveling by 5:25am for an hour and fifteen minutes. I then used a pry bar to open up the salt container and beat the heck out of the solid clump of salt and then proceeded to salt the driveway within an inch of its life and even as it continues to snow, my driveway is nice and black. I'll probably have to go back out in the afternoon, but I'm glad I got that done before heading out to therapy. Went to Aldi and now I'm home for the day after a quick drive with the pups.

    Enjoy that snowshoeing!!

  4. I don't have feet issues--but I will agree with you on the BARF COLORS they have out. It's annoying that there aren't any more subdued color choices. I really don't have many outfits that match with TRAFFIC CONE ORANGE. *Peee-Uke*


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